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  1. Here we can share nwes about creating any custom roms and anything connected with customizing our blade pro. So, if you know something - share it with us! ;) Q1: Why there's no specific forum for this device? Q2: Does ZTE released source code for Blade III Pro?
  2. Snap, don't be mean! Marek just wrote first part od message in Polish, then translated it into English. Message for Marek: nie zainstalowałem, bo z tego co piszą to tylko cpu jest na 1ghz zmniejszone, a przecież samemu można zrobić to na stockowym romie bez kombinacji.
  3. There was an app called "multi lang". Hope, that it works in this case! ;) (BTW Też jestem z Polski hehe)
  4. I have followed this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=46536640
  5. Well, I had already underclocked cpu so far in stock rom. After installing macedonian update I will be able to use my phone in Poland?
  6. Flashing a custom rom from huawei y300 will brick zte? That huawei has the same CPU, GPU, RAM, Camera, Screen... So, is that a good idea to flash a custom 4.2.2 from H-ei to ZTE?
  7. Well, as I noticed every 4.2.x rom works "like a butter " when I scroll something or during multitasking, but everything what is connected with speed ends here. Newest android is smooth, but very languid(?). You have to wait at least 5 seconds before something will happen. Example: Click on the telephone app, then wait before it will show, and then wait again <longer> before it will load up. Android 4.1 is faster, but still it has no chance with 2.3. Currently (Android 2.3) when i touch something i wait not longer than 1 second, and it shows up. We didn't metioned android 4.0. (I will skip 3.0 and 3.1 because of... Oh, you know! :P). Let's talk about this "wonder of nature"! 4.0 is a great hybrid between speed, functionality and look. ICS works fast, quite smooth and it is simply good looking. Conclusion: #1 Lightness -> Gingerbread>ICS&JB #2 Look -> JB&ICS>Gingerbread In my opinion we should invest more work in ICS. ________________________________________________ Sorry for English, I have only sweet 16 yo.
  8. S2E? I can't find it on g. Play PS. Great rom, but w/n s2e it's useless due to low internal memory.
  9. My dream - htc sense, but from real things - Iphone themed rom (JOYOS is laggy and quite ugly). It could be cm9 based. Who's with me? :)
  10. On my RBM One (Stock gen 2, 512 ram) cyanmobile works, but scrolling is still laggy ;/
  11. although being "fast" in some ways, gingerbread has laggy scrolling and it destroys everything else. This makes ICS and JB so popular I think. Gingerbread is much more "lightweight" and it is making that felling of "smoothines". If gingerbread would be able to hardware accelerated UI (and it is impossible) it could make everything different. Sorry for English, and cheers !
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