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    ZTE Blade 3 "Network unlocking is blocked.."

    Well, after some testing I can confirm that my suggested method will not reset your unlock counter. I have flashed original firmware, entered wrong code (now I have 9/10 attempts), flashed original firmware again and counter is still on 9 attempts... I thought that it can do the job, but the phone obviously have "dedicated sector", where SIM lock info's are stored, so I think there is no easy way to resolve problem :(
  2. BrBean

    ZTE Blade 3 "Network unlocking is blocked.."

    If it works without SIM, you should backup your messages, contacts etc. and flash original firmware. I don't know if there is a more sophisticated way to resolve your problem, but it should work ;)
  3. BrBean

    help phone wont boot

    Can you please tell us why you cannot flash firmware with stock recovery? Are you getting some error or something else? If you can get into stock recovery, then you can flash firmware, it's just matter which one you are trying to flash, because there is different firmware and stock recovery versions, and they have to be the same.
  4. BrBean

    Installing stock rom error

    Thanks, zloduh, but I have formatted /system in CWM before i flashed stock recovery, so I was unable to boot into Android OS and use ADB. Stock recovery provided here (ZTE-BladeIII-Stock-Recovery-ICS_P772N10V1.0.0B10) isn't for all devices. I did a little research and i found out that Hungarian firmware can be flashed trough this recovery. And now I have Hungarian firmware (but not for long :) )
  5. BrBean

    Installing stock rom error

    I have exactly the same problem as Prestodus and zloduh. Once, when I was tried to flash update.zip from official site (btw that firmware was for different country) i received an error (maybe the same error mentoned in thread, it was long ago, I can't remember), although it was for Blade 3. It might be that it is something region/country related. Now I have completely nonfunctional phone. Anyone have idea how to fix it? I can get into FTM (I don't know if there is a tool or something like that to restore stock firmware using FTM) and stock recovery. It would be great if I could get into fastboot, so it will be easy to flash CWM and after that flash any custom ROM. But.. :)
  6. BrBean

    Bricked ZTE Blade 3, please help!

    @ x6itru: Thanks. Everything that can bring me even some hope about reviving my precious phone is more than helpful... @ KonstaT: I've just tried to put it in DFU, but it's not working. No signs of life at all :( @ I only have three physical buttons, volume + and - and power button. Anyway, i can't use any kind of "hidden" mode, it's totally bricked
  7. BrBean

    Bricked ZTE Blade 3, please help!

    @honigfisch: Does this method needs fastboot or recovery? My phone doesn't react on any key (keys), it's totally dead :(
  8. BrBean

    Bricked ZTE Blade 3, please help!

    I know for the method you mentioned above, but it is only in case that it can get into recovery, and that's the main problem. I was trying to hold Volume Up+Power button, and Volume Down+Power, and nothing happens...
  9. BrBean

    Bricked ZTE Blade 3, please help!

    That's right. it is not for blade 3 it's for N880E (same chipset i think but cdma), i saw in build.prop from zip that I have flashed.
  10. BrBean

    Bricked ZTE Blade 3, please help!

    I can't flash anything because pc won't recognize the phone :(
  11. Hey guys, I have flashed my zte with some MIUI rom and now it's bricked. It won't boot into recovery and fastboot. Screen is not turning on, windows is not recognizing it, and battery light stay turned off when I plug in charger. Anyone have idea what should I do...? :)
  12. BrBean

    [ROM]LewaOS for BladeIII

    Ok guys, I've flashed MIUI rom (link provided by Droidevil, I don't blame anyone, my fault caused by ignorance) and it's totally bricked. I tried to boot into recovery and fastboot, but it won't react, screen is off all the time. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance! :)
  13. BrBean

    CyanogenMod 9 for ZTE Blade III

    @ Hjanos: You were right, I forgot to do that, now everything works pretty well. Thanks a lot!
  14. BrBean

    CyanogenMod 9 for ZTE Blade III

    Tried it yesterday, seems that wifi isn't working at all and file manager crushes (not that matter). Anyway, it's very good for first release, so I hope it will be even better. It would be nice if someone could upload overclockable kernel, so that we can use it with stock firmware, which performance/stability/bugs ratio is the best right now (imho)

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