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  1. In the end I updated to CM11 and all is well. Presumably I used the wrong version of recovery with CM10.2.
  2. Still not able to edit props correctly so it can be updated. Can anyone point me at anything that tells me what exactly I must do? Thanks!
  3. I just had a look at my build.prop on my mobile and compared it to the new one; looks pretty much the same. Not sure why it is throwing an assert if the parameters it is looking for matches?
  4. I keep getting an assert error when trying to update my CM10.2 to the latest nightly on my Y300. The assert error seems to occur when determining what make and model the phone is. I've been told I need to edit my build.props file on the Y300 to get the update installed. What lines in build.props do I need to edit to get this to work and which folder is that file located in? Thanks, and yes I am rooted.
  5. OK, thanks for the advice, but what proper changes would I need to put in build.prop?
  6. I don't seem to be able to update to latest CM10.2 without getting an assert error on ro.product.device == u8833? Any workarounds? Thanks :-)
  7. And I am now back in business thanks to Titanium Pro, money well worth spent.
  8. Finally got it unlocked and loaded recovery and CM 10.2. All is good. Now to get my apps+data off my old phone ...
  9. Yeah, looks like I'm going to have to boot up my Windows XP VM and give that a go tonight. Thanks :-)
  10. Damn. I have had my request for a bootloader unlock rejected three times so far by Huawei. I have double and tripled checked the IMEI, Serial Number and the code and all seems present and correct yet Huawei says its not in their database or correct either. Any other ideas to get the bootloader unlocked??? Thanks Alex
  11. Thanks. I have quite a lot of stuff on the nandroid backup - apps data, texts contacts etc. Would I be able to selectively restore some of that once I unlock the bootloader and install recovery and CM 10.2 (4.3.1) on the Y300?
  12. When my G300 died, I replaced it with a Y300. Now the great thing is that I have a nandroid backup with CM 4.3.1 on a SD card which was taken with CM recovery What would I need to do to root it, restore my nandroid backup to it? I'm a bit confused by the need to unlock the bootloader... isn't it just a adb/fastboot thing? I am using Linux. Thanks if you can clear up my confusion!
  13. Bad news! Vodafone refused to replace my G300 under warranty owing to moisture issues. Complete BS I know ... But now I have now ordered a Y300 as a replacement. Only paid 30 quid less than what I originally paid for the G300. :-)
  14. If it's any comfort mine died the day after updating.. Thankfully it is being repaired free of charge. I've always had problems with it since I first got it so that's cool. At least I took a complete nandroid backup which I will restore after getting it back. Would it be necessary to revert the recovery image to once I restore it or not? This phone was running 3.4.0 kernel. Course I will check the manufacturer and date on the flash memory chip as soon as I get it back and report it in the other thread.
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