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  1. I have problem with sync. It is always on even I turned it off. This started to happen in last few days. Sync icon is always on top. Does anyone knows how to fix this? I even did fresh install and it is same again.
  2. Thx, can You tell me why I get constant messages about google service stoped working? Not on just this rom, on all roms I tried, that message constantly popps out.
  3. Hi h3ros, great rom, super fast and everything working. I was wanted to ask you about those buttons on phone. With this rom it is like in attached picture but in other house button was home button and 3 lines button was menu. Is this something that should be like this? And I must ask about % and styles on battery, can it be changed somehow?
  4. I dont know what is happening now, I tried first option and last and installed rom and it just wont pass green android guy, what should I do guys? I can enter in cwm but when installed that rom and this one it just wont pass green guy. Can anyone help?
  5. Can you help me pls? Where to get those dns sets and how to set google dns? I really dont understand or know how to do it Thx it fixed it But I am getting from time to time google services stopped. I dont know why is that.
  6. Hi, I just installed this ROM and cant load google store, getting this infinite loading. Like in image I attached. Can anyone help me how to fix this issue? And also it takes too long to load page in browser. Cant opent google for 5 minutes
  7. Is ACIV season passautoincluded when I download game or do I need to enter key ingame? I got key but when try to activate its not valid,help

  8. Why is wifi so slow on this rom? Google play keeps loading forever and wont open. Anyone know how to fix this? Fixed it but now I am having this error constanly the application google play services (process com.google.android.gms) has stopped unexpectedly, sometimes google play store, sometimes talk, how to fix that?
  9. With the No.24 pick in the #nba2k14 Draft, the #Knicks select #SasaRandjelovic of Serbia. #mycareer http://t.co/qZh67kF9ow

  10. Yes I checked, using 200mb system, 238mb data and 2mb cache and getting this error, I am updating system since i am using version from february I think
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