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  1. Just unlocked and rooted my phone using the tut linked to above - everything worked perfectly and I'm a happy bunny again! :) TBH, I don't plan to flash a ROM on this just yet, but I installed TSH Shell for the bling factor. I might however need to downgrade (temporarily) from KK to JB as I can't get it to pair with the Touch & Connect thingy in our new Vauxhall (Opel) Zafira...
  2. Yeah, unfortunately I seem to have spoken too soon. While crashes after video/audio playback seem to be gone, my phone rebooted itself six times today for what seemed to be no reason at all... :( Also (and more seriously if the truth be told) twice today when people phoned me the screen stayed black and all LEDs stayed unlit - the only way I could answer the calls was to press the power button (which silenced the ring and switched the screen on, allowing me to answer normally). I don't blame kyan for any of this incidentally... He's done an awesome job with the ROM. Some Googling earlier suggests that most of the issues are inherant to CM 10.1 and affect all ROMs based on it and not just Electra.
  3. As recommended by killuminatii, I installed wolfscript and the reboots and crashes stopped (and everything's smoother too, and my antutu score jumped by 1k)... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=36257870 Make sure you follow the wolfscript instructions to the letter - and make a backup in case it all goes pear-shaped. ;)
  4. Um, yes... Read up 4 posts before your one! ;) I decided it was happening after video playback, but it seems to happen at other times too (just when I unlock the phone with nothing running in the background, 3G disabled and WiFi switched on). Glad it's not just me though - might make it easier to work out why it's happening! :D
  5. I've had this happen a few times after playing a video with either VLC or the built-in video player. The buttons go white and the screen goes black and the only way for me to get the phone working again is to pull the battery... I haven't mentioned it because it's not a show-stopper by a long way, especially when the rest of ROM is so great ;)
  6. I get this from time to time, but enabling and then disabling Airplane Mode sorts it without a reboot... HTH! :)
  7. I had what looked like codec issues when trying to play videos using the system player, but a switch to VLC sorted it! ;)
  8. Had my G300 rooted since day one, but this is the first ROM I've installed on this phone (many with previous models though..!) - just wanted to say thanks for a great ROM :) Graphics were stuttering a bit (noticeable especially when scrolling between home screens) so I dropped the clock speed down to 660 and everything's running lovely and very smooth now... Not sure why it worked, but I've reproduced it (and in reverse) and it does make a real difference! ;) Thanks for heads-up on Greenify too - seems to be a great app that I've totally managed to miss thus far! :D
  9. Knew it had to be around somewhere - thanks! :) It's called 'Strict mode enabled' on mine, but the description says it flashes the screen when apps do long operations on the main thread.
  10. Awesome - thanks! Now rooted :) I'm seeing a red border flash up (quite frequently) since rooting - is that superuser telling me when it's being active? It didn't do that with the rooted GB install - is there a way to disable it that I'm missing somewhere? Yup, option two worked for me! :) Used ES File Explorer to do it... Had to mount /root as writable before I could delete the old apk and drop in the new ones. Cheers guys! :D
  11. Evening! :) So... I've been reading MoDaCo threads for as long as I've had a smartphone - they've been incredibly useful, so I decided to finally sign up for an account! ;) I got a text message from Vodafone yesterday, with a link to a news article announcing the release of ICS. Finally! However, after reading all the negative posts on their forum about it I decided to hold off for a bit on upgrading. Two hours later the temptation got the better of me and I did the update. The update I was prompted to download was B936_F - different to the one that most people on the Vodafone forum seem to have installed, which was missing the '_F' off the end... I'd like to think that it stands for Fixed, but I suspect (based on my short experience with Voda) it actually stands for Fluff and represents all the annoyware they've added. It would seem to have been released very shortly after the plain B936. I'm quite please as it goes. :) I don't lose my ringtone or wallpaper settings when the phone restarts and it's at least as smooth as GB has been. Caller ID is popping up in the normal way too. In fact, the only bug that seems to remain from the NZ release is the spellchecker - which is currently underlining correctly spelt words in red instead of incorrectly spelt ones! Certainly not a deal-breaker for me... :) I have but one question though... My GB install was rooted and I'd like the same for ICS. Is this possible, or should I (can I now) look at Infusion? Baseband (mentioned by someone earlier) is 2030. Thanks - I hope I can prove as useful to the community as I've found it in the past! :) Paul
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