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  1. Never mind i left it on for some hours and my WIFI problem went aaway and now everything is working 100% perfect!! :D: D:D What happened: Only had one problem when i started Infusion and that was that my wifi didnt work: 1. Problem: Loaded a gobackup made on another ROM via restore and wifi didnt work at all. Solved by: Resinstalling cache/wipe clean install, open wifi and it can find networks, puts in key again and it connects. 2. Problem: Wifi could find network and connect but no data came through. "Solved" by: Just let it sit for about 6 hours and now wifi worked as it should! (Using " " Because i didnt really do anything :P self fix) Incase someone else have wifi problems, or is it only me whos noob enough to load go backups from different roms :P
  2. I fixed the WiFi problem, i had a go backup from another ROM version but when i reinstalled and didnt update my wifi locations it finds them now and lets me connect. Only new problem arrived: I can now connect to my router but i have no actual data connection, nothing comes through :/ Anyone know if thats a problem with my router or something with my phone? Tried reinstalling clean and doing over and over :P
  3. I had a full wipe install of B06, and i coulnt turn my wifi on. Not that i cant connect it just says "Turning wifi on..." and nothing happens. I then did a full wipe update via OTA to B07, but same problem persists. I really need my wifi when school starts in 5 days but i love infusion!!! xD Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Tyvm
  4. Running latest CM and my internet browser shuts down when it tries to complete loading a page, and before that i got an error "apollo has stopped working" or something when i tried to play youtube clips. Apart from that I LOVE THIS MOD! :D <3
  5. omg this new Cm10 is amazing, i think my 3g crash is fixed too!!! What i noticed tho is the status bar freezing and i cant pull the notification drawer down, having to reboot to get it bk. I cant set a mobile transfer limit either. Apart from that super smooth phone now :D Miss my camera D:
  6. Battery drain like a mofooooo when i use 3G, good i almost never do! :D People who get reboots, do you have 3G on when reboots happen? Havent had a reboot myself when using 2G ever, and battery stays for DAYS if i just use it normaly, playing music drains a bit, but i think that might have to do with apollo using traffic when listening to it :P Apollo uses, not alot, but uses traffic, is it a one time thing to update all the covers of artists or will it continuously drain data all the time? :D In-call volume and small echo sound in calls still present. :( Love CM9!!
  7. This happens apparently on other roms too, its an issue with ICS and G300, I had it on Infusion, others say they have it on all roms they try. This is what i asked Huawei: Hello! I bought a Ascend G300 about 2 weeks ago, and the first thing i did was to upgrade to ICS, and the phone keeps rebooting and i have to input my pincode again! Very annoying since it reset in my pocket today and i missed an important phonecall... Ive been reading that others have this problem with the G300 and ICS aswell, but that some dont experiance it at all. Im wondering if you KNOW theres a problem with my G300 and ICS roms, and i should revert back to GB untill you swiftly fix this, or if i should get a refund before the refund time runs out. This is what they answerd: For the reboot issue, We are investigating this with Vodafone. We realise this is not the answer you are looking for, immediately. However, we are looking into this. We will update you as soon as we have information that we can share with you.- -For the downgrade issue, the answer is Yes. Please back-up your handset before updating the software. Would be lovely if devs fixed it before Huawei and Vodafone does xD Ontopic: I had the same 1% / minute drain on Infusion when using 3G internet browsing and such, I dont recall if it drained more or less when using Wi-Fi tho.
  8. Still works perfect after OTA update :D running smooth all day no lags good respons, still that echo like sound in calls kinda annoying :P phone works no crashes. Thanks Daz!
  9. Hey, I have a problem with the in-call volume. It seems to be default set VERY high and i have to go down to the lowest volume to get a normal noncrackling noice, plus i can hear my own echo in the calls :P Is this a known issue or a matter of reinstalling? If its fixable, please tell me :D Ty Dazzozo and all others!
  10. Is the reboot when loosing 3G connection still present when running this rom? :D Thanks
  11. Really nice looking rom! Just installed because i read that the 3G Reboot issue was solved with CM9(Confirmed yes? xD), which was the only reason I looked for a new rom, last one was tillaz infusion(also very good), but flopping around in settings and customization is just soo much easier and better on this! Built in torch <3<3<3, LOVE how it looks like an old tv shutting off when you press sleep xD, responsive screen. I dont have to manualy install a kernel file right? (super noob!) Thanks Dazzozozozozo, and all other people who helped this, hope the 3G reboots dont happen cuz then this really looks like PERFECT rom! :D
  12. Thanks tillaz! Ye i see now.. APN.. So much stuff i dont know about smartphones yet xD with dumbphones you never had to think about these things i had time to swing by one of Tele2's stores and turns out even tho they deliverd my new card almost a week ago (im just lazy to put it in :P) my old operators card is still active till the 30th for some reason and they cant move it over any faster. :D Nothing wrong with Infusion tho!
  13. Hi! Since its changed to saying its a Desire HD, can it interfere with connecting to my operator? I got a new simcard from new operator today. Tele2, and it cant download the correct settings to get internet,calling,sms, or is it only text that has been changed to Desire HD? (There seems to be different settings depending on model and for Desire phones the homepage says different settings) Or if anyone seen a problem like this before? :D
  14. I have a small problem i noticed after i got this kernel update 19, when i hold down a key to get other characters for that key (i.e holding down the top row to get numbers) the actual place on the screen where i select the number has been displaced about a centimeter or two to the left (depending on how far to the right the key is) . I can still select everything in the selection window, just semi annoying to have to semi guess where i slide my finger to get the character i want. :P dont know if its directly related to the kernel update or since i got Infusion B05 (updated both with some days, and have posted in that thread too :P) but didnt notice untill after both were installed, or if anyone knows this is a problem with android KB! Thanks in advance
  15. Keeping my G300 in 2G mode,except when i need 3G for internet then i switch bk to 2G when done: 132 hours uptime, ram usage is normal 130 free, no reboots, no lags, no weirdities! Too bad the 3G issue seems to be unresolvable atm, but Infusion is running great! Still have a problem with andorid KB = When i hold down a key to get the menu for the other characters that key can have, (i.e. holding down the top row to get the numbers) i have to slide my finger some centimeters to the left and alittle down from where the character im going to select is, so essentialy the "real" keys have been displaced away from whats displayed, semi annoying but not life threatenting. Love this rom!

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