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  1. For the benefit of posterity (and any laggards like myself only just upgrading their G300 to ICS) this program works for me after going Vodafone B895 -> Chinese B926 (with orange and white logo) -> Stock+ B960.
  2. My two year old G300 on stock GB B895 has been locking up around 3 times a day lately so I thought I'd upgrade, as I really want to get another year out of it if possible - I bought a new battery recently and everything! I tried GBXtreme which was lightning fast but the lack of CM toggles and the fact that some apps I really want to use need ICS prompted me to go to the Chinese B926 -> Stock+ route. So far it looks gorgeous and is still as responsive as before but restoring my apps en masse using Huawei All Backup seems to bog down the phone something chronic. So I'm going to do it the long way round by reinstalling from the Play store and see which apps, if any, cause problems. So thanks Cyda for helping me wring a few more months of value out of this stalwart little handset.
  3. The first time I downloaded the middle package from somewhere else, perhaps another thread on this site? The second time I used the one that came in the B895 downgrade. I don't know why it failed the first time and worked the second, or even if the two files were the same or different. Sorry.
  4. From memory this is what I did: Downloaded the Huawei B895 downgrade linked in my post above. Put a spare blank 2GB SD card in my PC and made a folder called dload in the root directory. Unzipped the small (around 1KB) update.app of the 'middle package' into the dload folder. Pulled battery, put the card in the phone and booted while holding vol up and down. Pink progress bar, then update success message after less than a minute. Phone off. Replaced the small update.app in the dload folder on the SD card with the large B895 update.app Pulled battery, put the card in the phone and booted while holding vol up and down. Pink progress bar, then update success message after a few minutes. Reboot Restore apps etc. from backup If that doesn't work I don't know what else to suggest, sorry.
  5. Eh, as someone who has been threatened with the rape and murder of myself and my family on the Internet I shan't be taking part in anything that forces me to use my real name. The Internet is a sewer, agreed. But this won't disinfect it.
  6. Vol. down/power on for fastboot doesn't work - it gives the same error described in the first post (after the Huawei logo). When the phone was first connected in pink screen mode, three devices were found and the drivers install OK - a USB Composite device, DBadapter Reserved Interface (COM10) and Android Adapter Modem Clutching at straws, I tried the commands "adb devices" and "fastboot devices" in pink screen mode but they don't find anything. I've read elsewhere that trying to unlock the boot loader on ICS has been known to brick some phones. Could this be what happened to mine? Although, as I say the phone was rebooted successfully after the unlock. In fact it worked overnight, the alarm woke me up this morning and I listened to mp3s on the way in to work. EDIT: Good news, everyone! I downloaded the complete Huawei downgrade from http://www.huaweidev...softid=NDY4ODE= and it appears to have worked. Why my earlier attempt didn't work I don't know. Maybe a different version of the "middle" package. I now have B895 and I think I'll leave it there for the moment. Maybe I'll give CWM a go when I'm feeling brave. For now, I've just got to restore all my stuff from backup... Answering my own question from earlier, it appears the phone does not charge while in pink screen/recovery mode as my battery was down to 5%. Lucky escape there, then! Huge thanks to everyone who offered help.
  7. I thought I did, there was a two step process I found somewhere & followed to root & unlock the bootloader but the page is in my history on my laptop at home and I'm not there right now. I do remember it popped up a dialog box warning not to use the mouse or keyboard, opened a cmd window and squirted some text into it. With the phone in the state it's in now I suppose there's no way to verify this? Reading around, the old power + volume down for bootloader isn't an option in ICS (and definitely doesn't work for me). The only boot method that doesn't give the "image signature" error is power up while holding volume up and volume down, which goes to the pink screen.
  8. Hi tcpaulh, the volume keys update method is what I have been using. Does the IMEI method involve backing up and restoring the IMEI? I haven't got a backup of the IMEI as I've never tried to flash a downgrade or anything like that. EDIT: Cyda, I will read up on fastboot, and come back if I have questions. Many thanks.
  9. Hi bloomsan, thanks for your reply. The middle package is less than a KB, is that right? I have just tried it and it fails. A lot quicker than the other failure, I guess because of its much smaller size! I can see a trip to Vodafone in my very near future. Somewhat annoying that I waited for the official update and it rewards me with a dead phone. EDIT: craigysd, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I cannot mount the internal memory on my PC to put the update on it.
  10. No dice :( It unpacks, the grey/pink progress bar gets a third of the way through then as soon as it gets to "Step 2/2 Installing", I get the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark and "Update failed". Edit: This is using a freshly formatted 2GB SD card with nothing else on it but the dload folder. Is it worth downloading & trying another ROM or do I officially have a brick for a phone?
  11. Well in the time it's taken to load the Huawei front page I've downloaded the Yoigo U8815_V100R001C86B944.rar linked elsewhere around these parts, so I'll give that a try and report back.
  12. Hi oldfella, Thanks for your reply! Does it have to be the exact same (i.e. Vodafone) version, or could I use a stock version of 936 from the Huawei site? Or even some other version?
  13. Hi all, Last night I updated my Vodafone Huawei Ascend G300 8815 from (I think) B892 through B895 to (I think) B936 over the air. The update to ICS seemed successful. It worked OK for a few hours while I restored my backup made using the Huawei app, rooted the phone & unlocked the bootloader uninstalled the Vodafone crapware using ROM Toolbox Lite fixed the language bug, etc. although it was quite laggy and unresponsive. It was rebooted several times during this process and booted OK each time with that lovely(!) new Vodafone animation. This morning it hung while I was in settings about to modify a wireless access point and I pulled the battery. Now when I turn it on, after a couple of seconds of the Huawei logo I get a black screen with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. Below this is "Image Signature Verify Fail!" in red, then the following in white: "Your appboot image may have an incorrect signature. Please update your image to a signature official one. You can remove battery for power down." No change after several battery pulls, and removing the SD card. I can get to the pink screen using vol+ vol- and powering on but although I have installed the drivers no partitions appear in Windows. I am not running CWM, Titanium or anything like that. I have no DLOAD folder on the SD card as one of the post-update suggestions was to delete it as its presence supposedly interfered with mounting the SD card properly, so I can't reflash from the pink screen which I've seen suggested elsewhere. What do I do next? I'd be quite happy to forego the ICS update just to get my phone working again! Another thing, does anyone know if the phone will charge the battery while the pink screen is showing? It was down to 49% before this happened and I'd hate to flatten the battery while I muck around with it. Thanks in advance for any help.
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