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  1. Well so for that motive, and only, I'll also going to maintain my G300 ... It's a great device, wish my G615 had so much to give has this one did... Its a pity that surfaceflinger source codes aren't available, Vivante is the guilty one...
  2. Well after all Kyan made try another Rom :huh: wasn't expecting this one LOL Couldn't resist... after I try it I'll give the feedback. Thanks Kyan by your hard work :D
  3. G300 rules!!! I still maintained it to "play" a little bit with the mods that were coming out... But everything has its end, to all your hard work, thanks a lot by the moments and dedication you've given to this remarkable device. Even with my G615/U9508, I still have my G300 at my bed side table drawer (yeah I know f******g retarded LOL :P ) but don't know why that happened, the G300 experience was from far the best I had with Android devices till now, of course I'm not talking about performance but in the whole experience of it, love I think :wub: ... LOLOLOL Anyway, for me the device contains the perfect size, shape and touch feeling... A "clone" of it with a 20Mpx camera, octa core, and Amoled display, 16Gb Internal and some other... Oh men... That would be perfection :D Possibly with this device around here it will be a farewell :( The best for you all. ;)
  4. Hi, this is the result of a battle with me and a bunch of USB cables... hehehehe :D It was posted in XDA and if you wan't you can see the hole thread over HERE. Hi, after all I didn't need to change rom, with Mauro V8 I've manage it to work, Its exactly that problem that I told you in the beginning, the Ground wire needs to be connected to the fifth pin (in normal cable Classe B)... Here is the photo of the finished work, and yes... OTG in G615 works, you only need a connection for a external power supply! :victory: Well it's a bit of a mess, but I'm going to explain why all the colours (female USB) and all the cables... I didn't want to ruin any new cables that I have, so I took old cables and a hub with 4 female USB ports, and built this one that almost seems Optimus Prime :p The OTG cable, I've done it from a Nokia Data/charging cables, destroying it's armor inside the strong rubber that covers it and with meticulous work, very carefully, I took (with a scalpel) the inside cover which is some kind a type of a hard/rigid white glue, colored like silicon, and found the empty pin and the Ground (black) one and connected them through a little piece of wire from a old usb cable, then taped it with black insulating tape... This was the hard part, next followed the easy but labored one, since I didn't want to mess up none of my cables that have, male to female usb ports, I needed to figured out how to built an alternative cable to power up the OTG cable, since our mobile needs it due to is lack of powering these kind of cables (kernel issue). Two cables needed to this one (old ones of course), and three USB female ports from a hub that I didn't used, and patience... :silly: A Samsung cable was used for powering the other cables, so it can be connected trough an AC USB 5V adapter or directly connected to a computer (red and black wire were the only used), the rest of the connections, data/power ones, were made trough a cable that didn't had any brand but however it seemed the better one (quality of the inside thread), resuming, it was only need to follow the schemes that already were posted... Finally, in the purple door is were the external peripheral devices connect. I've also made the blue and orange connection to maintain the male USB port to try latter an original OTG cable ;) And after the trial... :fingers-crossed: , there it was, in ES explorer the USB file located in Mount it opened and showed it the files inside!!! Howwwwwwwwwww awesome!!! And after that I've connected a wireless mouse and it also worked!!! Cool!!! Well this experience was mainly done to experience the capabilities of this phone since I do not see much use for this type of use in a device of this size, but the little black with a white frame cursor in the screen of this device is strangely pleasant! :D I Hope that this post becomes helpful to someone. :good: Oh and I've stripped so much f******* wires (with an lighter) that I still have my fingers sore... :mad: :( :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  5. Hi you guys, look at this fresh news!!! :P http://www.eternityproject.eu/topic/1107358-eternityprojects-cyanogenmod-101-for-huawei-honor-2/ CyanogenMod is on the Go!!! Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  6. Hi,well, I've been increasingly being satisfied with my G615, right now with the new firmware update to the new B631, he's on the go, not with the AnTuTu scores as high as the first Custom Rom (getting up the score of 18245 decreasing to a score of 15127) but autonomy is unbeatable, I've been using it for two days in a row with moderate use without major restrictions of use as browsing and wireless. The use of themes is already functional at 100%, the overall analysis is that it is a great rom, which until now has no lags or bugs. It has top features, such as shaking the screen to change the wallpaper, flip to mute, take picture in camera mode with the volume button (+), and many more, oh!! and the Emui 1.6 improves even further the experience ... Who has such a device will definitely need to do the rooting and "shove it" the Jelly Bean OS 4.1.2 At least I have not regretted a single thing in what I've done in my G615. Hope to helped some one to decide what to do in case of doubt. :D
  7. In GsmArena there are some things that are not right. I even post there saying what is wrong, G615 is a phone that for what I know appeared in the market to reinforce the launching of G600, so the price being equal... of course G615 is superior in all of it's components. About the Fm Radio, it´s wrong because he brings it even in the original rom.
  8. Hi guys, I´m here to give my feedback on a model that quite possibly has been overlooked and unknown to many, speaking then of the Huawei G615 (U 9508) better known in other countries as Ascend Honour 2 (the only difference is it's 2 Gb Ram), and which is already in our market (Portugal) for the amount of € 300 unlocked to all networks. But what really matters is not the price, which at first sight is nor attractive nor affordable in these days, that is, without ignoring the characteristics of it, for those willing to have such device and like this brand you can get a Huawei that is facing an S3 which costs almost twice the price!!! In this particularly case the huawei company has a top smart phone in our market with an average price, gave my G300 for the wife and I adopted this little "nuke". I will now speak of what really matters, since there are numerous descriptions of this unit that do not correspond to the reality, not giving it the real image of it, and so after an extensive research on the web and after I bought it ;) I found that the Huawei G615 is equipped with a Quad-core 1.4 GHz (Hisilicon K3V2, house material), 1 GB DDR3 RAM, GPU (Vivante GC400, house material) with 16 cores and a memory of 8 Gb (Rom), which make this "boy fly". With 4.5" Super IPS Plus screen, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 with 326 ppi pixel density, with dual micro for noise reduction, two columns that debit a wonderful Dolby Digital Plus Sound (stereo of course). .. among other attributes that can be checked on line (Google), but to summarize, I have never been satisfied with the purchase of a Smartphone has with Huawei G615... Oh by the way, my G615 already runs JB 4.1.2 Emotion UI 1.6 Beta, having had a score of 18,245 without OC and without being the unlocked bootloader, now imagine it with it. Keep on the good job :D .
  9. Cyda great rom, I´m using it right now and I may say that for now it's the most stable and fully working one, everything runs smooth, I'm just trying a new kernel, now with the kernel-308G300#15, and with an OC 1.19 GHz / 320 MHz (Max/Min) running SmartaasV2 with SIO scheduler, and for now the only complain is the overnight battery draining, from 71% goes to 51% after 8h in standby. Cyda keep with the excellent work, you are the men! :P
  10. +1 No caller id lag´s at all!!! Three days and counting... :D
  11. Hey, "is there anybody out there "??? Experimenting another rom, this one had some issues that no one knows how to solve them... At least without any kind of answers. God rom but without proper monitoring, of course being a rom "foreign" it becomes quite understandable. Besides that it's an excellent rom.
  12. Hi guys, I'm trying this rom and for now I'm loving it, for now a strong candidate to replace Baidu V20. Cyda great job!!!
  13. Well since this topic is abandoned (since my last post´s ) I'm going to spice things a little bit. Here are my resultes with V20 with kernel from Paul Milbank (Kernel for official ICS roms).
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