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  1. okay managed to get it working seems you need to format the system in recovery before can put gapps on,many thanks to the kind people in here that helped me out.
  2. ive tried about 4 different gapps packages,still nothing there,running out of ideas,might have to go back to 4.3 if cant get it working,wont let me into gmail even.I cant see it being the cwm version as it installed 10.2 fine.
  3. i did like i always do ,put gapps and rom on root of sd card,then wipe cache partition,wipe dalvik cache,wipe data/factory reset ,maybe its an issue with clockwork mod but im using 6.04.4 which had no problems installing 4.3 on it and had no issues with gapps on 10.2 which was running previously,its puzzling me anyway.There is an update to 6.04.5 but i cant remember how to update cwm.
  4. hi guys no idea what im doing wrong here,i have flashed the latest nightly 4.4 on cwm 6.04.4 and used the gapps mini one from the link provided pa_gapps-modular-mini-4.4.2-20131214-stripped-signed,the phone boots up and works great except no play store,i flashed gapps so why isnt it there?
  5. pearsonian

    Noobs guide to N7000 if you please...??

    i am also thinking of buying note n7000 with the aim of putting a cyanogen 9.1 rom on it, these are going for around 200 quid on ebay and the specs are excellent with big screen,there are other forums i think which cover this model,modaco doesnt seem to be big on it,would be interested to know how easy this phone is to put custom rom on as my g300 is like a new phone with cyanogenmod on it.
  6. okay thanks installed with clockwork mod worked fine thanks.
  7. ok guys my 1st venture in custom roms was a mostly pleasurable one,i read over and over the instructions to make sure i did nothing wrong,rom installed quickly and painlessly and i have to say my once laggy phone on stock 952 is now flying on cm-9 Thankyou very much indeed. Only mistake i made was i backed up my stuff to huawei all backup and now realised that this program will not work on a custom rom so i have all my stuff backed up in .db format on my pc which i cannot restore.I was able to restore the apks pretty quickly. Final question is i have a couple of updates ,are they really worth intalling. latest one says 10.1 -20130428 ,is this ics same build or is it jelly bean.I am quite happy how it is.
  8. pearsonian

    Ask MoDaCo: Huawei Ascend G510

    with reference to sere 83s comments i have noticed alot of these weird named china phones on the net with amazing specs,does anyone have any experience with them,theres alot fo them on you tube including goophone i9 which has amazing specs,and if good what is a trustworth website to order from.If this message is in the wrong location i dont have a problem posting it somewhere else on the site. thankyou.
  9. i don't know if this helps you but i installed the b952 official update from Vodafone and rooted my phone also,when completed the update my 3g wasn't working so i set about inputting all the details for my apn which is giffgaff,no matter what i put in the fields which were all the correct info it wouldn't connect on 3g,then i read,delete all the apns and start again from scratch so i did and it worked straight away.
  10. i have installed the official update today for ics b952,rooted the phone and changed couple of lines in the prop build settings ro.max.fling_velocity 12000 and min 8000 which seemingly has the scrolling improved slightly on the browsers.Had some teething problems in getting 3g to work but resolved it by deleting the apn completely and typing in from scratch again.The phone seems to be alot more responsive than gb ,scrolling is still abit of an issue but in firefox is perfect,but on some apps it still sticks abit. Can anyone tell me if its worth going ahead installing a custom rom or is b952 a decent build,as far as im concerned the phone is perfect apart from the scrolling issues. Does jb custom roms offer any improvement or are they still in the experimental stages. Comments much appreciated.
  11. pearsonian

    How to restore GB from ICS

    thanks back on good old 2.3 i agree i will wait a while,i only updated out of curiosity anyway.Anyway i downloaded an ics theme from the play store looks identical on the home screen.4.0 from what ive read does have issues with scrolling speed on other devices,why google needs to keep meddling with perfectly good os i will never know.But not much alternative,i tried windows 8 on my pc and it was awful,icant see that taking off on phones.
  12. pearsonian

    How to restore GB from ICS

    thanks mate,i couldnt decide if i wanted 4.0 or not but i have noticed my battery life has gone alot worse,a few other problems also like browser seems to be sticking abit on scroll though apps working fine.what was your experience which prompted you to downgrade.
  13. pearsonian

    How to restore GB from ICS

    hi i am planning to downgrade from ics to gingerbread but having a little problem,in the instructions it says to copy the dl folder in the middle package folder to the root directory of the sd card,but when i try to paste it in,seems there is already a dl folder with stuff in it,do i replace this or merge with the new one? I do`nt want to make an error.The one that is already present says update.APP and is 632.8 in size ,the new one is same name update.APP and is 1.1 in size,am i replacing this file completely? or leaving it in the dl folder along with the new one.I am guessing the 632.8 is probably the update to 4.0.

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