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  1. This might help http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=694826
  2. I use it mainly for the fact that I like to hard apps and ran out of space on the handset, I havent noticed any difference in speed. With 2GB internal memory I wouldn't need A2SD but you would need to check that the extra memory is not being used in place of an sd card like the old htc's used to, in that case you may still need A2SD.
  3. Does journalling actually make any difference? I would have thought that sticking with ext2 would be better for apps2sd for the same reason I stick to ext2 for my boot partitions, it makes it rock solid and journalling isn't needed as there are limited writes to the partition. I am new to the android platform, however, and am ready to be corrected on this :)
  4. Different Rom, this one is a preview release of MCR 4.0 based on the official HTC 2.1 release, the one you provided the link to is the pre-rooted 2.1 release which doesnt have any of Pauls added magic.
  5. Cheers Paul, excellent work, as usual! Any ETA on the kitchen?
  6. As others have mentioned, it seems that for most the new radio only works on orange if you unlock your handset. I had to buy an unlock code to test the new radio, but I dont regret it as I am getting far better reception and the problem I was experiencing with calls going to voicemail even though I had full signal has gone. I am also seeing better data reception as well, 3G and H all the way! Cant wait for the kitchen to be opened. Thanks again Paul.
  7. Just install Home switcher from the market, its does what it says on the the tin! I use it to switch between sense , launcherpro and adw depending on my mood etc, works brilliantly execpt for the home button which asks which app to use, I set sense as the default app and use pinch to bring up multiple windows in the other launchers
  8. NX5

    Sky news app

    Sky have confirmed their app is for 1.6 and up, guess we have to wait for the 2.1 update before it becomes available in the market place
  9. Problem solved, your phone has to be app unlocked for facade to function properly! I had to reset my C550 after it started calling people at random and starting apps even though the keypad was locked and forgot to app unlock the phone. It was only after I tried to do a sprite backup that I discovered the phone was still app locked. I unlocked it at the incoming call screen started working! Cheers once again for such a great homescreen!
  10. Great homescreen, but is anyone else having problems with the incoming call screen (not displaying any text, just a whitescreen with the accept and reject buttons)? I think this may be a Facade problem because if I uninstall it the problem goes!
  11. Havent they just released an update for the C500? Anyway they are sitting on a new ROM which fixes the WMP10 sync issues ( as a replacement handset I recieved before christmas has this ROM on it!
  12. Windows Mobile 2003SE Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15159.2.6.4) Rom versions operator manufacturer microsoft 4.21.15159.0 Language file system 4.21.15159.0 The phone is a replacement handset (which could be a refurb) that I have had for 3 weeks.
  13. I tried what you suggested but couldnt recreate the problem, it seems that this is a problem with your particular device.
  14. Just noticed the replacement handset I received as a result of an in call volume problem is also .11. Maybe its this in combination with WMP that solved my music sync errors!!!!
  15. After you have bonded your BT GPS unit you want to set up an outgoing port, usually on com 6, just make sure your program is setup to use com 6 (or 7 if thats what you selected)
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