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  1. By gps you mean google maps, or the hardware it self? I find latest google maps to be pretty buggy - you might try older version or completely different app.
  2. Thanks for the link. I can confirm this as working on my g300 (SJS00M) - flashed it using TWRP over cm-10.2-20131020-NIGHTLY-u8815 without wiping anything (pretty much like ota update). edit: btw does anybody know how to get back the overclocking options on android 4.3? It doesnt offer anything above 1Ghz.
  3. Nova Prime all the way. Plus increase animation speed in its settings to make it super smooth. ;)
  4. Thats the zip i used (flashed in cwm) - http://filebeam.com/...69448f22271f8ec - its for google logo splash screen. It should work - as iv got it flashed and it shines at me everytime i reboot my phone. :P edit: Should it not work, you may try to update your cwm version?
  5. Thanks, it works just great! Its so much faster now, without those annoying widgets. ;) This should be totally included in CM lockscreen settings.
  6. You have to be doing something wrong - flashed splash that simply says "Google" using the method above. ;)
  7. Is here any way to disable these lockscreen widgets new to jb? Its been bugging me for quite some time now, as its the only really slow part of this rom - part that i have absolutley no use for. If it could be disabled somehow, it would be perfect-
  8. Other than their size? :) Just tried to make one uncompressed backup & restore - this went great without any crashes. I would still love to see that compression feature working. ;)
  9. Im back with some more results. :) This time I tried to make compessed backup without md5 generation. During backup, there were again no crashes. During restore (set to skip md5) it crashed again (well, froze for like 20 seconds and than restarted) - last records in log were along these lines: Formatting - something (system i guess) - to - something - Done. (sorry, blame my short-term memory ;)) Anyway, it deffinitely wont be md5 related, as both backup and restore logs clearly stated that md5 check is disabled.
  10. Well, the first backup itself is nearly clean, except for the 3 apps i mentioned in my previous report. When it comes to backup restore - it crashed 3 times in row, like second after it started. Than I gave up and flashed clean cm 10.1 :) I might try with completely clean rom later today, but i expect to get the same result. :) edit: Not sure if i i put it correctly in my prevois post: i have tried to restore only backup with compression and md5. When restoring, theres as well check for md5 verification - and it crashed both with this ticked & unticked. I have yet to try to restore compressed backup made with md5 unticked. I might as well try this later today (to see if this isnt just md5 related, because first step in recovery process should logicaly be md5 verification - and it crashes as soon as recovery process is launched).
  11. Updated using that app from market; for some reason i had to do this twice, as it stayed on the first time i tried. Second time it updated successfuly. Just made a compressed backup with md5 without crash, so it seems to be working. Thanks for that update. edit: Getting crashes when i try to restore that backup i made (both with and without md5 verification). Had to flash clean CM10.1, so i guess this needs another hotfix. Thats even worse bug than that in last version - which after few crashes at least flashed it correctly.
  12. Hkarta

    Screen replacement

    Thanks for this; as much as i hope i wont ever need to replace my screen, its likely to happen one day and at least i wont have to find out myself how to disassemble it. Bookmarked. :)
  13. Cm 7 is too new for my use. What i need is cm6! :D
  14. Random reboots still present - once during backup (worked like charm second time) and once during recovery (failed at data). Again, worked like charm second time. I would really like to see this fixed; just installed this recovery (was using cwm touch hybrid before) and i really like it - but this problem is a huge drawback. Cannot seem to find any crashlog on sdcard - anyway, dont think it would have time to make one, as it suddenly goes - like BAM - black screen and reboot.. ;) edit: it might be worth mentioning that i was backing up CM 10.1 R1 only two days after complete wipe & flash (using mentioned cwm). Only gapps flashed and like 3 other apps (one being internet banking, second SimCity Deluxe and third GooManager - which i used to install this recovery). Not even google maps & similiar stuff installed yet. edit2: Oh, and on the first backup, i was using compression option. Second time, i ticked it as well, but at top of that i also disabled md5 checksum (as it crashed during that step). On restore, i, of course, worked with this backup so settings were set accordingly (ignore md5).
  15. Only errors encountered in r5 so far: It reboots aprox. twice a day - not a big deal Disorted 3rd party camera apps (bar code scanners etc.) Disorted lockscreen (all screen content goes to notification area, as already reported). Whats worth mentioning is that it in fact only happens after reboot - once unlocked, it wont happen again until phone restart. Phone sometimes loses signal completely - especialy when on 3g with low signal reception. One would say it should switch to 2g (and it does sometimes), but sometimes it doesnt. It wont connect to the network untill reboot. Not quite sure if this is because of the rom, or network provider (as it has been occasionally happening ever since i bought it - upgraded straight to cm9). Otherwise quite a good rom. ;)

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