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  1. I cant get the launcher to work the menu button is always missing whats the correct way to install it ?
  2. Very nice rom indeed :) btw i installed it over my installation of official b952 uk and i still have my toggles ^ ^ Geez its quick and holds a signal really nice. Good Job on your 1st rom.
  3. @Yaqh no issues for me everything seems smoother in the update and performance has shot up.
  4. Im gonna upload it to my dropbox it was a success ^^ Its uploading atm gonna be roughly 1 hour till finished.
  5. Im having to use titanium to backup the system will that be ok Cyda ?
  6. Can i do that without rooting ? Or will i have to reroot and install recovery. Gonna root and install cwm then ill dump the system image. UPDATE managed to root ill get the file uploaded asap
  7. I installed b952 this morning i have about 30 apps installed antutu benchmark was pretty impressive memory management seemed really nice also.
  8. Well they fixed the ussd vulnerability lol

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