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  1. How about the free ram?, it's like GB ?, is good for multi-tasking?. thx.
  2. In this rom works the rotation?, because when i was on the other cm7 i wasnt be able to rotate the phone. Thx.
  3. I know, but i think porting roms from other phones to g300 have the same problem, now i think with the new releases of cm9,10,etc.. from dazz there aren't any problems. After testing this rom 1 day i found that bugs: 1.Don't have accelerometer sensor (not compatible). 2.The internal sd-card not recognized. And the volume you can lower when you're in a call if you hear with poor quality to the other person. Nice rom, useful apps, fast, without signal-drops and "stable", thanks to all who worked at this rom, keep working guys because i think the best rom for g300 is the GB and we need a stable CM7
  4. Well.. i've installed the rom, all ok except the internal sd wont recognize cm7, i've tested in cm settings all the options and it says " the devide doesnt have expanded internal storage" , anyone can help me? thx
  5. Before.. such as 4 moths or 5 when CM9 was on R3 "and others cm rom's" the voice quality in calls were too poor (too high), this problem happened in other roms, but today i think dazz solved it.
  6. That's the problem of all the CyanogenMods on G300 i think, try to down the volume while you are in an call cuz normally is too high and you cant understand anything. So i want to ask to people who have used this rom, there are still problems with the wi-fi, signal or anything else? i want to test it but i'm not sure about the stability.
  7. best rom for GB, excluding cm7 but that is unstable actually, GJ.
  8. nice ROM, very fast and smoother, but when i lose signal it wont want to reconnect 2g or 3g, i have to restart the phone, btw nice rom but i go to miui cm9 and i'll wait for a cm7 stable , thx guys, cheers.
  9. When i call sometimes i cant understand the other person, the speaker's too bad.
  10. Upgraded from R6 to R7, stuck at boot loader, i have to do again all the wipes and reinstall all the app's + configurations..
  11. fixed poweramp fc "deleting poweramp data with root explorer and reinstalling" i lost all my EQ settings, but i dont know how to fix playstore fc..... anyone know?
  12. PowerAmp and play store Force close with that release.. anyone can help me ?
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