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  1. Let's ask Madteam ported Cyanogenmod to our device! Support me on their forum! Register and post on their forum that they see that I'm not alone I need it! http://madteam.co/fo...73776/#msg73776 Cyanogenmod open new opportunities for our staff, because most of the custom firmware, like Lewo OS, ShenduOS based on Cyanogenmod. Please be more active!
  2. If I am not mistaken, ZTE GrandX UK Stock and Rooted V3 have Serbian language.
  3. Oh! My God! Sorry, I installed a different firmware and because of this there was a mix-up. Once again, sorry, B05 not have Serbian language!
  4. Sorry, it NOT HAVE Serbian language (thx Dragon71), i reinstall it, and see them.
  5. Hello! Yes, this is unbranded ROM, original ZTE, but it not have Serbian language(
  6. Russian V970 is Grand X, Mimosa X, V970- oh, my god! how many names! And what confusion because of this! Yes, yes, we have ZTE V970 (Grand X, Mimosa) on Tegra 2, 512Mb, and with such features and price, this phone- bomb, but what a pity that all the custom firmware made ​​by MTK CPU, or 1Gb RAM, sorry for my bad english, i'm from Russia, St. Petersburg.
  7. Yes, with "tap to unlock", :-)
  8. In ZTE site has new firmware for our device, version B05- ZTE V970V1.0.0B05(SD card software).zip.html This firmware only for Euro/Russian version ZTE V970, that is ZTE V970 Mimosa (Grand X), on Tegra 2, 512Mb. Fixed shake the screen when zoomed, this is important, as well as many of the little things. I hope for the emergence of new custom firmware based on this.

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