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  1. I'm using Cyanogenmod 10.1 (JB 4.2.2) I've tried closing all cached processes and clearing the cache, still not enough storage (I have 125/756mb free). I have most apps installed to the SD card, the only ones I don't are those that cannot be installed to the SD card (chrome being one of them). I think I'll just leave it on the current version. I know, but it can't be that heavy - I'm using desktop Chrome to reply to this which is currently using around 580mb of memory, with multiple tabs and extensions loaded. Surely the mobile version would use much less memory than the desktop version, especially with just one tab and no extensions?
  2. If I try to run chrome on my G300, the performance of it is really poor. Pages take a long time to load, and it is really unresponsive. Also, I cannot update it because I apparently don't have enough storage, despite having more than enough. Is there any way I can fix this? I don't have such issues with the stock browser, but the stock browser doesn't have bookmark sync like chrome, which is absolutely essential to me. Does anyone else have similar issues with it?
  3. Thank you for the replies. I've requested the bootloader unlock code from Huawei, and will have a go of the FasterGPS app. I cannot find the screen dim option in the new version of Maps though. After trying the official bootloader unlock, if I still get reboot issues, I'll ask in the CM10.1 thread. Just one more thing: is anyone aware of a way that I could either swap the system and internal SD, so that the system part is about 2gb and the internal sd is about 750mb, as I'm running out of space on system very quickly and have a large amount of internal SD that I have no use for. Either that or a way to remove the internal SD completely and reallocate the space to system?
  4. I flashed my G300 to CM10.1 a few weeks ago, and overall, I'm very pleased with it. It's a great ROM and performs much better than the stock GB ROM. However, there are a few problems I've been experiencing with it, some of which have been fixed by upgrading to a recent nightly build. However, a few issues remain: * My phone will reboot a lot when moving about, e.g. in a car. Usually it isn't an issue, but if I'm trying to use it for music or navigation it can be incredibly annoying. It has improved with the nightly build - before this it would reboot while I was at home, even if I wasn't doing anything with the phone, but it no longer does this on nightly. This has lead me to believe it's something to do with connecting to a lot of different cell towers in a short period of time, as I cannot see what else it could possibly be, location services are turned off so it can't be anything to do with that. * While using Google Maps, if I try and move the map, the screen will flicker a lot. * The GPS seems very poor recently, it will take a very long time to find the location and will quite often lose it as well. This may be something completely unrelated to the CM ROM though. Has anyone else using this ROM had any similar issues, or is aware of any possible fixes for them?
  5. Having a few problems updating certain apps on my Android devices. Most apps will update fine, but a few larger ones won't, saying there isn't enough storage. Both devices have at least 100mb of available storage, and the full apps are much smaller than 100mb, the update packages for them are smaller still. They could easily fit into the available storage, yet it's claiming that there isn't enough storage. ​ Is there any solution to this? I don't have many apps installed on the phone,most are stored on the SD card, and I can't really uninstall any of them as they're all important apps.
  6. I have a Nexus 7 with CWM Touch recovery installed, and I want to make a full image backup, but I cannot do this to the internal storage due to lack of available space. However, I do have a USB OTG cable and several USB flash drives, so I was wondering if it would be possible to mount a USB storage device in CWM recovery, and use this to store the backup image? If so, would I need to modify anything?
  7. I spoke too soon when I said I liked this rom, I've just tried playing cut the rope, and my phone froze twice forcing me to remove the battery. Also, when I received a phone call, it just came up with the number, and not the contact name! These issues are going to be difficult to live with, so I'm considering restoring my gingerbread image to the phone. Am I correct in thinking that it's as simple as going on 'restore' on cwm recovery? Or would I need to do something else first?
  8. I'm on stock+ ics now. And I have a nandroid backup of my gingerbread installation (stock) and my ics after I managed to get everything restored.
  9. Managed to get stock+ installed eventually, I rushed it a bit and ended up soft bricking the device at one point. I do like this rom though, and I've now used TiBu and MyPhoneExplorer to restore my device to exactly how it was before :) However, I never managed to get Link2SD to work. Is there any possible way to edit the partitions on the device, so the /data partition is about 2.5gb and the internal SD is a few mb?
  10. Unfortunately, Helium isn't compatible with anything lower than ICS :( but I'm currently re-running TiBu and it appears to be working a bit better now so it may work this time. If I try installing the stock+ rom, is there any risk that it could go wrong and brick my phone so that it's unrecoverable? I can afford to replace it if I break it, but I can't really afford to be without a phone until I can get a replacement. And if I install stock+ and I don't like it, would it be possible to re-flash the stock rom?
  11. That looks like quite a good rom, but with it being based on the stock ics, does it come with any of the problems that the stock rom does? Also, is there an easy way to back up my apps and app data? I've tried both TiBu and es file manager, TiBu just stops halfway through, and ES just copies a lot of empty folders :(
  12. Sorry about the lack of replies, I've been very busy this week. Also, I don't really have too much of an idea about rooting, and I don't have a clue about whether my rom supports init.d. AFAIK, I'm running the stock rom, but I do have root. I rooted my phone with the method described here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/353386-how-to-root-your-huawei-ascend-g300-for-windows-mac-and-linux/ Also, is there any chance that these apps could brick my device? Some of the reviews on the Play store seem to suggest this.
  13. When I purchased my G300, I assumed that the 4GB internal storage referred to the space that you could install apps in. However, I quickly realised that this was allocated to many different things, one of which was the 'Internal SD Card', which is a 2GB storage area which is emulated as an SD card, which is replaced by the real SD card when inserted, so most apps won't be able to see it. It annoys me how my phone has a 2GB storage area which is 95% unusable (I've stored a few things there which I can access via File Managers, but most apps won't know it's there). I was wondering if there was any possible way that I could reallocate this storage so that I could use it for installing apps on to? My phone is rooted.
  14. I have a HUAWEI g300, and while the quality of still images taken with the camera are great, video quality is awful. Or, to be more specific, the audio that goes with the video is very poor. I believe that this may be due to the file format of the video. For this reason, I would be interested to know whether there are any ways to change the file format which videos are recorded in. Are there any alternative camera apps that are any good, which ideally allow the user to select their own file format? My device is rooted btw.
  15. Thank you for that, that command gives me all the information that I could ever want! I don't get any memory listed as 'unknown' though
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