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  1. Which one you installed that have it?
  2. Hey, sobakasobaka can you please tell me how did you got Serbian lenguage on it? I installed it, and it doesn't have it. :(
  3. Thats a great news, thank you very much.
  4. Is it maybe possible to install this ROM using stock ZTE SD card update software? Or i have to flash it using CWM?
  5. Thank you very much for you answer. If i install it, i'll try with morelocale2 to add Serbian lenguage. Hope it'll work.
  6. Hello everybody. I'm newly registered to this forum but i follow it for a quite some time. I have ZTE Grand X phone, from Serbian Telenor network. And honestly i do not like its Telenor ROM. I'm curious about this one so i have few question for people who tried it already. 1. What lenguages are in this rom included? Are there Serbian lenguage? 2. Is this unbranded ROM? Like Original ZTE rom, not altered by any network? Thank you.

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