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  1. laciegy

    bye guys

    i just want to say bye cause i bought a new phone phone (nexus 5), and thank u KonstaT for ur great roms :D
  2. Download it and try it, i tried it a long time ago and it was working great just there was some lag
  3. laciegy

    Help me,

    Just put a cwm on ur phone, the download a rom, put it to ur sd card and flash it
  4. Install the original android and recovery after it should work
  5. Its not that hard but i dont have time for it now
  6. Im working on a dirty unicorn port but its always stuck in bootloader
  7. I think it will nevet come to our phone. Maybe i will try to do it just now im working on another rom for this phone after that MAYBE i will try it, anyways i would like to ask someone who knows thing about rom portkng cause im stuck with my progress! :D
  8. U should go to cwm and make a full wipe(wipe the cache,data) after format the system and install the android again
  9. titanium backuo but its need root
  10. Cm 11 the best rom for this phone and the cm10.1
  11. KonstaT can u tell me why isnt working the xposed installer when i install it every app Force closeing :/ if u can help i would be soo happy
  12. in english u didnt wipe good u have to wipe everything and after put the rom
  13. in hungarian: az a baj hogy rosszul csinaltad a wipeot torolj le mindent es utanna ted fel ujra es jo lesz
  14. laciegy

    dual boot

    what do you think guys is it possible to make dual boot on our phone?
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