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  1. This may seem like a stupid question but is the backup produced by this a Nandroid backup? I keep seeing that I should make one and this is the only place I've seen a backup feature.
  2. Sorry to bump this up but someone might find it of use to know that according to Very a faulty circuit board had to be replaced, they didn't notice it was rooted, I guess maybe they couldn't get it as far as CWM before it was fixed and I have a different IMEI now so I suppose I have a new phone pretty much. They've kindly installed B952 which is making me want to root it again, was rooting the phone likely what caused a circuit board to fail or was I just unlucky? I did overclock but only up 1152.
  3. I've just got off the phone to Very, I went through endless amounts of holding down power and volume keys, I think this is how they try and find if I've rooted it, but my phone refuses to do anything with the battery in and so I played ignorance when he told me to make sure it was in. They're sending me a prepaid bag to send it to them, but he said at the end that if the engineer finds something that I've done to cause the fault they will charge me for the repair if I agree or charge me £10 to have it back broken.
  4. Yes I definitely tried that, I can't remember the exact result but It didn't help. Regarding trying to get a repair/replacement, I've just been reading up on SOGA, so I know where I stand was this fault caused by me rooting the phone or would it have happened regardless? From what I can tell, it is 'Not fit for purpose' but if this was as a result of rooting then I caused the fault did I not?
  5. I'm going to attempt to send this back and hopefully get a replacement, even if it is replaced, I think I'll be selling it to buy something for a bit more that comes stock with ICS/JB. So thank you for all your help with this issue, and also thanks to everyone who worked on Dazzozo's CM9/10, but I don't really feel like rooting another phone now. :)
  6. Very.co.uk, I've looked at their returns page and they say that for electronic goods you should call the manufacturer directly because they don't have the technical knowledge to deal with it, and then they list the phone number of every manufacturer under the sun apart from Huawei. So I think I'll have to ring Verys general number and hope that they don't know much about phones.
  7. I'm using Dazzozo's recovery from here , I'm not sure where I can find other versions or if that is the latest?
  8. Did that not cause problems with it having been rooted etc.?
  9. Yes, but it failed as it couldn't access the cache.
  10. Hi, I've had my phone since the start of December when I installed CM9 and have updated through to CM10. But tonight after using the phone fine all day, I took it out of my pocket and it wasn't responding. With various combinations of battery pulling, charging and waiting 15 seconds with no battery I can get it in to CWM where I tried re-installing a CM9 ROM but I still get stuck on the Huawei logo. My problem seems to be the same as these two threads, where nobody found a solution, I'm hoping maybe it's been worked out since then? http://www.modaco.co...ck#entry2047297 http://www.modaco.co...__hl__ warranty Also, I can't do adb as the phone turns off after around 2 minutes each time. Any help will be great, Thanks.
  11. Just out of curiosity, when CM10 is released will I be able to update to that OTA from this without wiping or will that require a complete reset? Thanks.
  12. This is the first ROM I've installed over another custom ROM, I installed R2 from stock last week and have now updated to R3. When I updated I did a full wipe, was this necessary? because it seems alot of effort to re-install everything, or is there an easier way. Thanks.
  13. Hi, my first post here, if I follow "How to install a custom Jelly Bean / ICS ROM from scratch" as far as "Re-root, unlock bootloader & install ClockworkMod Recovery" will I then be able to go onto install the MIUI ROM? Thanks.
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