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  1. Alexandru.k_24

    Qualcomm finally release an updated Adreno driver

    so...where can i use that driver?i have a htc one s mobile phone with adreno 225 gpu.and snapdragon s4 Krait CPU.
  2. Alexandru.k_24

    Acer CloudMobile S500 Screen/Parts

    If you are from Romania...try at Orange Service...as they have a lot of spare parts from the ton of returned for warranty phones :)) Only from me...they have 3 dead phones but with the display & digitizer in perfect condition.An advice from me...sell the goddamn phone.CloudMobile for eastern Europe has a shitty build quality compared with those build for the rest of the Europe.
  3. Alexandru.k_24

    Unlocking the phone from the current carrier?

    yes...but the last answer was posted today :P
  4. Alexandru.k_24

    Unlocking the phone from the current carrier?

    man....wtf...this method http://www.modaco.com/topic/360587-tool-s500-sim-unlock-v11/ is ok to unlock CloudMobile.i did unlocked mine`s.
  5. Alexandru.k_24

    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    Man...just enter an invalid sim...and when it asks for network key insert the key provided.i faced the same problem but when i tried with a vodafone sim card(my phone is locked on orqnge) it worked...my phone was unblocked.
  6. Alexandru.k_24

    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    ok...in my case...the diag and adb is not avalaible!Drivers are installed and ADB is activated on developers settings!what would be the problem!i got windows 7 Ultimate X64 and my cloud mobile is locked on Orange RO.this tool works on avery firmware or just with this new update? EDIT: After installed the drivers provided by Vache on the first post...on Windows 7 x64,in device manager still remains three devices with no drivers installed.One of them is the Acer Diag interace.Just use Windows update...and on "Optional Updates" you should see the drivers for the three devices.
  7. Alexandru.k_24

    [TOOL] S500 SIM Unlock v1.1

    F^#&#ing awesome Vache!!!Romania thanks you for this tool!All Orange RO users will use this tool:P Good job man!
  8. Alexandru.k_24

    [TUT] Leaked JellyBean and Unlocked bootloader

    No...it will not work on your phone if you bought it from Orange RO.CPU type is -1 and this leaked ROM is for those with cpu -3.All Orange RO got the -1 version of the CPU.
  9. Alexandru.k_24

    Bluetooth problems

    Install a good file manager like Root Explorer.Rename the .apk extension in .txt !send it to another phone and after that....rename it again to .apk.just like that:P
  10. Alexandru.k_24

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    too bad...it bugs me off every time i want to enter in recovery mode i have to connect the phone to PC.it would be more easily just to flash the recovery partition.but for that we need bootloader unlocked :(
  11. Alexandru.k_24

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    Anyone with this update tried to unlock the bootloader using vache tutorial?does it work?
  12. Alexandru.k_24

    Stock Firmware Downloads

    this is the new update for those with Orange RO baseband?
  13. Alexandru.k_24

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    ok...someone managed to do a successfully update?any changes...any improvements?i waste a lot of time customizing my phone,deleted a lot of Orange crap apps...so if the update doesn`t bring anything big...i will stay on the preinstalled verstion until Jelly Bean comes to my phone.
  14. Alexandru.k_24

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    have you installed it?any changes?what about battery life?
  15. Alexandru.k_24

    Stock Firmware Downloads

    today i saw your message...i changed my phone to orange.but...i can make a backup of my system and send it to you.you can restore it via cwm.

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