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  1. I am looking to buy this but I have some questions. How is the bluetooth speaker? Driver size? Loudness? And the £20 free t mobile credit, what format does that come in? I would be looking to flog it so could it be used by someone else?
  2. nadezz

    SIM lock status

    Would you be so kind as to PM me the email/letter you sent?
  3. nadezz

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    This is another phone I am considering jumping to, but again... price Thats just the problem isn't it, even on ebay, a good condition RAZR i is £170... nearly double the cost of a brand new OSD. So I'm just casually waiting for a bargain and will use the OSD until then, it's so close to being a perfect phone!
  4. nadezz

    OSD on virgin

    Yes it will, I am using a virgin sim.
  5. nadezz

    screen Bezel cracking?

    Have already talked to orange, they will attempt to repair the power button stiffness, but not the cracked bezel. Why should they believe us that the fractures were not caused by a major drop or something.
  6. nadezz

    Xolo JB probably by March 10!!!!!!!

    It does go very baggy, and its annoying because it blocks messes with the light detector so when you are trying to end a call it still thinks you are holding the phone to your face (aka screen off) I really wanna see a hardcase sometime but i am not hopeful
  7. nadezz

    Buy Xolo x900 or not ? ? ?

    It is insane value for money, the only really downside is the actual build quality of the phone. The power button is very tough and the plasic bezel fractures easily. I am currently looking to replace my OSD but I cannot find a phone that is any better for anywhere near the same price range. Even buying a used phone on ebay with the same specs, I would be paying £80 more than I would for a new one of these.
  8. nadezz

    screen Bezel cracking?

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I just went around my OSD and here is what I found, under very close inspection: 4 cracks in the black bezel, these go all the way from the top of the device to the silver band, one of this cracks has part of the bezel jutting out. 5 cracks in the silver band. I have babied this device ever since I bought it and it was only out of a case for a week (while I was waiting for the case to arrive).
  9. nadezz

    Anyone thinking of jumping ship?

    Considering jumping ship to the razr i tbh. For me its all down to the build quality, the cheap plastic and horrible power button are ruining the experience.
  10. nadezz

    sim card for osd

    Just want to check something. Virgin is a pggyback networking using the EE masts. An orange salesman claimed that 3G virgin speeds would be slower than the 3G EE speeds. Was he just blagging this (as I assume). Or is there some form of prioritizing when it comes to piggyback networks?
  11. nadezz

    power button

    What is the whole cardboard thing? Is there a video tut?
  12. nadezz

    power button

    I'm now a little paranoid that this will happen to me. I bought my OSD on ebay. Is this covered by a warranty? If so, what details are needed to get a repair (i can contact the seller and request some details if they are not private)
  13. nadezz

    Xolo ICS update issues

    It's the original update (unless that includes the patch as i only updated a couple of days ago). Nope not rooted.
  14. nadezz

    Xolo ICS update issues

    So since updating to the Xolo ICS USB update I have been experiencing 2 issues. 1. Constant texts from "network" (im on virgin) basically telling me i have no credit. I have literally had to install sms blocker as i am getting about 300 of these texts a day. I am also getting some notification about Xolo customer care or a warranty or something and a couple of xolo apps are running in the background. 2. I have quick contact (1x1) widgets set up and they seem to randomly get removed. I will just unlock the phone and they will not be there :/ Any ideas? Anyone else getting anything like this? (Not sure if this should be in the Q&A subforum)

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