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  1. You need to root it with the computer, if your computer is in good working order, the instruction within this thread should be enough, I did it a year ago now so i wont be able to help too soon on it. And I'm afraid all the good apps at the time that I bought the ZTE Kis are now even bigger downloads, and I can't get them all to install anymore, the internal memory on the ZTE Kis is piss poor, Virgin's literature stated 512mb RAM or something, it's actually 512mb ROM with 256mb RAM, and only around 140mb useable! s*it phone if you want it for a lot of apps, I've managed to get the free Waze satnav working on it after a quick factory reset back to the edited ROM :D I now have a Samsung S4 Zoom with built in 16m 10x optical zoom camera and IR blaster TV/sat/cable/DVD remote control built in (:
  2. sorry I've only just read this, a lots happened this year, I can't remember It being that hard to do the drivers, it might be because I had the htc drivers installed before, I was using W7 at the time. I only started rooting July 2012, after just getting my first Android a few weeks earlier, I must say I think ZTE KIS is the easiest and most straight forward to root, htc required extra steps, Samsung was reasonably easy. But ZTE KIS appears much of a cleaner root, My Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus shows a warning sign on a rooted phone, on ZTE it doesn't have to show anything different apart from superuser. I also worked out how to change ALL the boot screens on the ZTE KIS, although I could never get the boot sound to turn on, I usually hate boot sounds+animations, but I wanted to make a fully customised phone for my friends son. :( A friend is getting a 2nd hand ZTE KIS from ebay, i might try rooting that one and get back to this forum.
  3. I've got this phone, it's brilliant, the main attraction for me is that I would be able to take much better quality photos without having to remember to bring the camera with me, when I discover the unexpected need to take a good photo, I tend to find the camera isn't in my pocket, but my phone is!, now my camera is in my pocket, because it's my phone! Sony's Attempt might lead people to accidently leave the attachment in the car, or at home, or lose it altogether! I bought a screen protector, and a gel case within days of buying this phone, and oh yes, like the other Galaxy S4 phones out there, it comes with an IR blaster so you can control your TV/Satelite Box and more, most models are supported, but some aren't of course, Samsung doesn't appear to advertise this feature, as the app for it is made by a different company. But a good initial attempt Samsung! So I have a camera, a remote control, and a smart phone in one hand! The phone does start a lot of conversations when people see it in my hand, or to my ear! (: Make sure you charge it properly the first time, I didn't and I think that's why my battery doesn't last too long while i'm using it. At least the battery is a large removable one. Oh, there's two mics on it too!
  4. Ok, regarding the splash.img update, i did a simple modification of the immediate splash image to replace the Green Android after power on (ZTE KIS), that changed perfectly fine, but it still corrupts the battery charging animations. I did a factory reflash from the blue (e3) to prove to myself that i can get myself out of a pickle in the event of a soft-brick where access to Android desktop via fastboot/adb would be impossible. This also helped to to work out at which point of my process the battery animation got corrupted. and this time very early on. From what i can tell, the only file involved in the splash image change was 'splash.img' but i thought that was just a flipped image created in GIMP with a few advanced tweaks upon saving. Now i'm thinking, maybe there's a bit more to the splash.img. Luckily this time, the corruption is only a white partly chopped up image within a small square the same size as the original battery. What else has to be done to splash.img to be correct. Now i think i'm going to have to do another factory reflash, and work out how to pull the original splash.img :D
  5. Network/SIM Unlocking Question regarding ZTE KIS (Virgin) / Roamer etc, i'm assuming they're very similar... Is there anyone up for trying to work out how to unlock the ZTE KIS, friends have this phone too, but after reading about problems unlocking direct from Virgin so we are all stuck, i'm not bothered so much as i've got Virgin's other services so i get all i could ever need on mobile data/texts/calls for less than £8 a month (basically half price). Anything i've found online is full of broken links and not specific to our handsets, i would guess it's a pretty similar procedure. Would appreciate the help, modaco appears to be the most clear cut website/forum for handset problems i've seen so far. though the anti-spam time between searches is a bit high, meaning it's very long winded doing search on here before asking. Thanks
  6. ## Does any of this help your situation... http://www.modaco.com/topic/349541-faq-rooting-for-beginners-updated-26-02-12/ ## Let me know if it does. Check Part 9 of that link. After i first bought my Virgin ZTE KIS i downloaded the latest ROM/firmware or whatever you call it from zte's website, and i'm pretty sure i did it by placing it in the root of my sdcard, and via e3, since it's an offical ROM and signed, that should be possible for you yea? Actually i could be wrong on that, maybe i did do it via the menu, obviously i wont be trying it now as i don't want to wipe what i'm working on. I'd be interested to see what you have on doing stuff via the FTM mode, and unlocking it, since it seams virgin are useless at providing the unlocking codes at the moment. :( and probably forever, this is probably on purpose, all it takes is the right member of staff at Virgin to contact the right department at ZTE. That is a bit of an ask from big multinational companies nowadays i know.
  7. Heya All, interesting.. on my ZTE KIS (aka Roamer2 i believe) i too have noticed a corrupt battery charging animation while powered off. so... that must mean the charging animation could be customized relatively easily too, any ideas how? a basic example would be fine (: i want to try and come back to this if i work out a better place to post this, i'm a noob here, soz
  8. OOPS Sorry, posted in wrong board... Heya All, interesting.. on my ZTE KIS (aka Roamer2 i believe) i too have noticed a corrupt battery charging animation while powered off. so... that must mean the charging animation could be customized relatively easily too, any ideas how? a basic example would be fine (: i want to try and come back to this if i work out a better place to post this, i'm a noob, soz
  9. There's a few things I don't really like about the de-branded ROM, I like the look of the launcher but I can't work out how to remove the multiple desktop screens. I prefer holo launcher, it's more customisable from what I can see so far, and I can backup/restore the settings too. Great effort though Sebastian (Thanks), it got me over the next part of my mission which was to ROOT the ZTE KIS.
  10. So, To 'root' your ZTE KIS (Virgin)/Orange Dublin/ maybe ROAMER 2... by Installing the required more flexible (ClockWorkMod based) Recovery first... EDIT: I did a restore of my phones stock backup and completely forgot that it unrooted and brought back the original recovery. BLEH!!! lol Brief instructions first... D/l + install Android SDK or whatever is required to use adb.exe/fastboot.exe from the command line D/l 'recovery-clockwork-' to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools D/l rooting stuff (Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed.zip) from http://downloads.nos...-arm-signed.zip http://androidsu.com/superuser/ adb reboot bootloader fastboot devices fastboot flash recovery C:\recovery-clockwork- as per instructions from another website regarding a similar model, do the last command a few times fastboot reboot IMMEDIATELY press VOLUME UP button on your handset Handset should reboot into the orange recovery screen :D, hopefully not the one with blue text :( Now use the orange recovery menu... Backup... You really SHOULD do a nandroid backup by selecting 'backup and restore' 6th option then select 'Backup' 1st option, wait a minute or two for backup to complete. To root... Select 'install zip from sdcard' 5th option down. then 'choose zip from sdcard' 1st Option. now navigate to and select the 'Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed.zip' file I have a feeling you have to install the custom ROM a few steps below, in order for the custom recovery to stay put. Now Detailed instructions for some steps above... So to clarify for you folks to install the clockwork recovery which you have to do BEFORE rooting... ### Install Android SDK, or whatever you need in order to get 'adb' and 'fastboot' commands working #1# ### ### Download the recovery image "recovery-clockwork-" from... #2# here: http://android.podtwo.com/recovery/ (bit slow sometimes) ### or: https://www.dropbox.....5s-roamer2.img and Download the rooting stuff (Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed.zip) from http://downloads.nos...-arm-signed.zip http://androidsu.com/superuser/ This needs to be placed in the root of the sdcard in your phone From a command line (Windows for this example) type whatever you need to change to the folder containing both fastboot.exe and adb.exe .... cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\" Now looking like the following... C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>prompt C:$G so it will now look tidy like this... you only need to type the 'prompt C:$G' bit in for tidy reasons C:> ### Then... #3# ### C:>adb reboot bootloader >* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * >* daemon started successfully * C:>fastboot devices >ROAMER2 fastboot C:>fastboot flash recovery C:\recovery-clockwork- >sending 'recovery' (8544 KB)... >OKAY [ 2.139s] >writing 'recovery'... >OKAY [ 1.703s] >finished. total time: 3.851s ### On the computer keyboard press the up arrow or F3 key and do the above command 1 or 2 more times #4# ### ### Now get ready to press the VOLUME UP button on your handset #5# ### and enter... C:>fastboot reboot Handset should reboot into the orange recovery screen :D, hopefully not the one with blue text :( I hope to get on to the bit for rooting the device for you soon, if you want it sooner let me know, links are on the sd card in the phone. I've tried to give a bit more detail in this post since the phone is a low-cost entry-level model and the likely owners will be noobs, or like ME I read the specs and were fooled into thinking they were actually going to get 512mb RAM on a device for under £60! Well it's been a learning curve, in some ways it's easier to root than Samsung, but with Samsung i can do it without ever going near a PC. htc desire S (CDMA) bigger pain. IMPORTANT: At this point you really should go into the recovery menu and do a backup IMMEDIATELY! Do not delete as it can prove very useful, buy a high speed 32gb microsd card for around £20. RESTORE ADVICE: If restoring it will pretty much unroot your device as it did mine, UNLESS you do an ADVANCED RESTORE, and ONLY restore System, Data, Cache, Restoring the Recovery.img is what will overwrite the orange recovery menu, and replace it with the crippled blue recovery that came with the phone. ##### #End# P.S. And as for Network Unlocking the phone with a subsidy pin or whatever, i've no idea yet. ##### Virgin appears not to be able to get hold of the codes. AS I DON'T KNOW HOW I DID IT! OTT details for clarity... ### IMPORTANT ### # be careful where you click when formatting # do NOT format /sdcard (of course) do Nandroid Backup first too, also consider SMS Backup and Restore (APK) conctacts, # backups of your other apps in case you can't find later on. ### --Wiping cache... Formatting /cache... Cache wipe complete. Formatting /cache... Done. Formatting /system... Done. Formatting /data... Done. trying some roamer2 de-branded firmware r0 says @sebastian404, god damn, now you help me! i bet this is where i brick the phone >--Installing: /sdcard/r0_de-branded_roamer2-update-signed.zip >Finding update package... >Opening update package... >Installing update... >ZTE Kis/roamer2 >de-branded firmware r0 >@sebastian404 >Wiping data/factory partition... >Writing boot partition... >Writing splash partition... >Writing system partition... >Writing Virgin on suicide partition... >All done. >Install from sdcard complete. press back press back Click reboot system now NOW FOR THE REBOOT: Green Android Splash image Loads up, flickers a little bit, then Red LED turns off, stays on a basic android(fancy text) bootanimation for ages , then it actually boots up fine. :D i really hate Virgin/ZTE for making this such a pain compared to other manufacturers, i will think ten times before going with ZTE/Virgin again!!!!!!!!!! i'm even considering cuting off all my virgin services after all this. lol The mostly useless stock recovery screen output... ######################## Android system recovery (3e) Android system recovery utility reboot system now apply update from sdcard wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition ########################
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