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  1. tilal6991 mmm this app is working? or doesn,t work? mmm I'm interested in a dual-boot for our phone. ^_^ TY
  2. This is because you are using AE 4.* that it isn,t compatible :) or you have flashed without mount /data and mount /system :)
  3. themarkoface, I have created a post with you ROM to comunity HTCMANIA . THANKS for your work. This is the link: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=564141 Obviously I have translated to Spanish :) to more easily ^_^ THANKS AGAIN.
  4. Sure... already consume some more reasonable... mmm without playing 4-5 hours and playing 2-3 hours... if could improve ..
  5. C3C0, Battery consumption is abusive T.T could tell me how can improve the consumer? Show this screen. Brightness: 16%
  6. Good job C3C0, Forum'm HTCMania and I think a fully customizable rom also like to know which scripts which carries or hasnt to attempt to improve the great rom that you have create. Thanks for your work and sorry for my English half translated.
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