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  1. Hi C3CO , you're awesome and I loved your roms. RADIOFM WORKING... That sounds incredible . Now I can't flash it cause I have new phone :). Thanks for your work :) . I've send you a PM , I hope you will see it :). Greets!!
  2. Thanks C3CO. This is the best ROM ever! You're incredible. Thanks for your hard work.
  3. It will be really interesting! Ubuntu Mobile is very beautifull and incredible!
  4. GREAT!! I love Paranoid , I love Jellybean and I love your roms. It will be fine if Qualcomm release those fuckng drivers. :)
  5. skater96

    [ROM][JB][Skate] MIUI JB-4.1.2 2.12.7

    These update has got multilanguage? Ir Spanish? Thanks anyway.!
  6. Great!! I love your roms. I'll be waiting for your new PA! :)
  7. skater96


    Yes!! It will be fine :).
  8. Thanks for all H3ROS , and sorry for the confusion. You're ok :) I love your rom !! :P
  9. skater96

    Post you home screen piciture :D

    This is our Spanish rom GalaxyICS. :) with accuweather.
  10. This rom fits in 160 mb. So with v2a its fine.
  11. Incredible Lalit , thank you!! Im going to try it now!!

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