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  1. hi fagyi, i've problem with rom. Sometimes the status and navigation bar crashes and finally i'm going to lockscreen and i need to reboot for use away the skate. Can you fix this problem of crash ? I'm on build of 01/09 of SFR and your kernel is perfect, now i can tap correctly :)
  2. thanks Marko_serb for your suggestion, but i prefer aosp keyboard, with dict now and this access of emojis.
  3. finally i've import your dict from options, of keyboard, and import a dict. thanks fagyi for your file
  4. thanks but i've tried and not working, i prefer download another keyboard on play store with dict included.Thanks for your help ;)
  5. finally, i've tried this app:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2785874 I've all the emojii on color of apple for only 7Mb and it's smooth^^; so thanks man for your work on rom, can u add a french dictionnary or explain my how did it for add
  6. thanks for emojis , fagyi. i want to know if is possible to have all the emojis (because there are missing) and possibly with color like aosp or apple ?
  7. hi fagyi, i want to tell you that your build of 01/09 is awesome , there not a problem with tap, now i can correctly. thanks
  8. can u add a support of color emojis on the next update or in a flashable zip ?
  9. hi fagyi i've a problem with CwM , tell me a error when i want backup and restore /cache , can u help me ?
  10. Thanks for your build, the keyboard don't tap exactly , have you a t9 keyboard for tap correctly ? Because i'm on sfr and kernel don't work properly... Thanks
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