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  1. From the past experiences with Microsoft, I can only presume that this is not going to end well, Nokia is the sole example of that. I do support Cyanogen for trying to move away from the traditional way of doing things, they always had to have the most innovative ways of doing things, but I don't support the devil's partnership with the devil itself. The key here is money, Cyanogen got greedy, they should've looked up to Jolla, followed their example. I only hope that something good comes out of all this.
  2. Hello, I am going to post an unrelated topic to anything but this phone itself. When I first saw this forum back in 2012, I realized that there may be some hope for my device to become a super-fast jig-a-ma-ding, to outperform some of the higher priced and specced devices that were, well let's be honest, abundant in every corner of the globe. So, flashing custom roms, literally tens of them, tens of thousands of time, I couldn't get enough. The thrill of trying something new every time was far too great to miss. And so, the device aged up pretty fast, being the entry-level device since it first came out, it wasn't too long until it's hardware was a prehistoric piece. But even then, there were still people working on it, making it better, optimizing it in every way, pushing OTA's for their custom ROMs, and now, looking at this forum, I can see that everyone gave up on our beloved Crescent. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that I love this device, and yes, maybe this is subjective, irrational thinking, to work on something that has its place on a scrap yard. I'm not a developer, so this is my way of boring some of the developers to port yet another custom ROM, to work on yet another project, to try and push out the most and the best of what the device can offer. Sorry for boring you, I hope that I didn't offend anyone in the process of writing this post, don't mind my jibber jabber if that's the case. [emoji2]
  3. Well another fail from me, tried to get it working but similar/same results occur. Are there any news on an update? Could anyone share with me external app for wifi tethering that is working with this ROM?
  4. No, as far as I can remember, I hadn't had any problems back then.
  5. Hey guys, I just have one problem that I hadn't been able to solve by myself for a long, long time. Problem, by itself, is hard to explain. From time to time, I'm getting a random volume down stuck. What this means is that my phone lowers the volume by itself, not by me accidentally pressing the volume down key. The problem is solved by pressing the volume up key, and only then, trying to swipe the volume does no good because the phone still continues to lower the volume. After that, you can't use the power button nor the volume down button, it's like they're disabled, you press them and nothing happens. You wait some time, and then you can use them again. It seems to happen the most when phone is charging and when the battery goes low, but, to be honest, I just couldn't figure out the main cause for this type of behavior. Today I was taking some pictures and suddenly the volume slider came up, showing the volume lowering down rapidly. I've had this problem ever since I first rooted my phone, but it's time to try and figure out the underlying problem. Phone's hardware checks out, it's perfect (I've had had my doubts in the past, but wherever the phone had been taken, it checked out fine) everywhere I take it it's said that that's a software issue. So guys, 2 years have past and I need your help, thoughts, advices and similar cases, if there are any, on solving the problem :-) Here's the phone's software information, and if any further information is needed, I'll be happy to supply.
  6. Sorry for late posting, I got it working, just used the PirateDroid ROM to TPT through System Update the image file :-) Out of curiosity, anyone managed to get the Google Now working on P736E? With these gapps, I'm getting FC error every time I start a voice search.
  7. Ok, I've tried using the TPT mentioned in #101, and these are the exact steps I've used: 1. Booted into CWM, applied update.zip (from "Prerequisites" in the link mentioned). 2. Rebooted, tried booting up the system to check if everything is ok (didn't boot, stuck on boot screen saying optimus, don't know if that's the right case). 3. Took out the battery, turned on the phone, entered CWM, installed CM11, gapps, rebooted. At partition info checked the partition sizes, again getting 200MB /system partition. Am I doing something wrong here?
  8. Like it? I love it :-D . Works like a charm, though I have to ask, is the default launcher usually this slow?
  9. Excellent ROM! Trying it out right now, I'm satisfied a lot! P736E here. Couple of questions, what CPU settings to use and DL for v2.1? EDIT1: Never mind the question about update, updated through OTA.
  10. P736. I tried getting TPT helper to work, but unfortunately couldn't. If I remember correctly, I choose CyanogenMod based TPT for T-Mobile Vivacity, but don't hold me on that 'cause I honestly don't remember correctly. What I mentioned in my previous post is that I tried flashing my device with this guide but that gave me the desired partition sizes, but, deleting the CWM gave me a headache since my phone couldn't and still isn't recognized in bootloader by my laptop or my other two computers, regardless of which driver I tried using for it or the OS. I also tried making my own TPT, experimented a bit with the values, but nothing seemed to work. It's not that big of a deal since I see the benefit of not having the boring gapps (which aren't used by me that often) installed, but small programs like AdAway etc. require a bit of /system memory to function properly. I'll give it a try again when I'm bored with all that or when gbosh gets the ART working :-D EDIT1: Well the signing in problem is either the absence of gapps or the lack of /system storage, honestly, no clue, but it's not that big of a deal. IF someone found a way to bypass the problem, that would be nice though :-D Anyone experimented with the CPU "mins/maxs"? Battery life around 24-36h with SmartassV2 122mHz/940mHz, but everything above that either restarts the phone or gives slim or none system stability.
  11. Well I'm not having any problems with root, guys, it works perfect :huh: Bluetooth is an issue, dough. Still, I do have other problems, I tried TPT-ing my phone by running the "helper" app, which helped a lot *sarcasm*, and by flashing the stock Vivacity ROM, but that gave me a headache (couldn't flash recovery, no Windows or Linux system wouldn't recognize my phone in bootloader :blink:), causing me to flash my stock Telenor ROM, but returning the old TPT. I do have other problems and a question for gbosh. While it's not that big of a deal, it bugs me that there's no option for transparent status bar. I tried pulling the framework-res.apk and checking there, but the translucency is set to true on both lockscreen and desktop. So, any advice on how to make it transparent? Anyone had luck with signing in in 3rd party apps, like YouTube? EDIT1: Found a workaround for statusbar, all credits go to Michael Davies for posting this thread: http://seo-michael.co.uk/transparent-status-bar-on-android-4-4-kitkat/
  12. If anyone managed to strip down ROM just a little bit that gapps can be included, I would appreciate if he would upload the files here, since I lucked out trying to strip the ROM myself.
  13. Ok, well, that's discouraging (same phone over here). Since I hadn't had much practice in doing any of that stuff, GoogleFu is going to have to be activated. Back on the topic, anyone having problems with transparent status bar? I checked framework-res.apk, the parameters there seem fine, but mine is still standard black.
  14. Unfortunately, 200MB is something that i have, only 724KB left :-D So, that's where the problem lies. So, any workaround? It would be nice if I didn't have to rely on Blackmarket, since half my apps are mainly social ones, like Facebook, Messenger, etc. Well, I did try installing gapps right after installing the ROM, doing the same basic steps, wiping data/factory reset, cache, dalvik. I just hope he hangs onto this thread, because here lies the true potential of our beloved phones :-D
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