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  1. I still have the same issue with BT..........
  2. Same problem........ Please Konstat, help us! Thank you
  3. Hi everybody! I still have the same BT problems.....
  4. I have also problem with bluetooth, not with apparing,but over 50 centimeter, it doesn't work anymore
  5. Hey Konstat and thank you! Could you do something to fix the problem with Bluetooth (headset...): it doesn't work properly, and not further than 1 meter....All the rest is awsome!!!!
  6. I also have bluetooth problems, but everything else is awsome, thank you Konstat
  7. Hi, I have a problem. I'm no more able to delete app icons from my desktop! I make them glide to "delete" ,but they come back on the desktop!!!! What can I do? Thanks
  8. Thank you, it works!! Other question: mx player don't work, is it a known issue, and which player could i use? In fact, i can't play any video no more, with mx player or any other!!!!
  9. Hello Konsta and once again:thank you! I just have the problem with bluetooth, could you fix it
  10. Hello, i installed konstas se2, but i don't know how it works. Could anyone tell me how to do (should i make a partition, and if yes how to do it..???) Thanks a lot
  11. Hello! I made wipe cache partition, and then wipe dalvik cache, and then flash......and it works great

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