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  1. i used the gps for a 2 hour drive the other day no problems, Check the profile that you are using to make sure that gps is not disabled as it will turn the gps off even if you enable it . And my stock dialler and messaging seems fine so far... The only problem i'm having is its getting really sluggish after being on for about 2 weeks, I have about 80 apps installed and there all linked to the sd card with the link2sd app, and about half of the apps are set into hibernate with the greenify app. So in the list of running apps i only have facebook,whatsapp and greenify running besides the system apps but i struggle to get over 50mb free RAM Anybody else have a issue with low available ram?
  2. Hi ive moved to this rom from Infusion and so far its got everything i need but i cant get one thing working, On the photo gallery i had the option to include the albums i have on google+ so they show up on the gallery i have gone into account sync and enabled Google Photos and Google+ in the options and also deleted the gallery cache and data but still not showing up . Is this because of the rom or the galley apk or maybe gapps or just something im doing wrong
  3. steveuk23

    How do i change to a new custom rom

    sorry last question, when you guys are saying about wiping things where are you doing the actual wiping is it through that clockwork program on my laptop when the phones connected.. or just on the phone itself thanks again
  4. steveuk23

    How do i change to a new custom rom

    Thanks for all the replies it will help loads when doing it when i get chance. im presuming my bootloader is unlocked as i'm rooted and running the infusion rom and when i was doing that i used the BootloaderG300.ex which i presume did the unlocking?
  5. Hi Ive had my phone on the Infusion rom now since november and its been ok , I want to try one of the JB roms now that ive seen on the site but im not sure on how much i have to do again as im already rooted and so on. When i did it i followed the explained like your 5 tutorial which took me here http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/ Can i just jump to step 7 of this tutorial that says install custom rom ? As ive already rooted and done the clockwork mod thing,ive tried searching but the search function isnt great cheers
  6. Don't know what the trouble is with the dialer seems fine to me What's the problem that some people have? Only thing I don't like with any ics is I can't get the app icons to display notifications like the number 1 for 1 new message
  7. Hi Are you wanting a custom rom you mean? I put my very first custom rom on last week and it's running great. Go back to the previous page and look for the sticky thread that says rom ics infusion and on the first post you will see a download link to the latest version b07 Download that and then go back to the first page and look for the guide explained like you 5 and click on the link that says about installing a custom rom I followed that and it worked great Make sure you download all the official updates through your phone first. You might have to download one update and restart phone for it to show another update Good luck
  8. hi sorry predictive txt on the phone changed the word from on to no lol yeah I'm on 2030 so is that all I need to install a custom rom does the current firmware not matter cheers
  9. sorry the guide I read was from about April time I meant I noticed there was a new version so would that guide still apply even though I'm on a newer stock rom I'm guessing go good to go as I'm no 2030 baseband thanks for the help
  10. hi I have a ascend g300 and its no the latest Vodafone stock firmware 4.0.3 b952 and never been routed I've noticed a problem with the led flash when I'm no normal camera mode the flash is stuck on the off position and nothing happens when I press to turn it on or auto but when I'm on video camera mode it works fine I've only had the phone 2 weeks and it did work I think it happened after one of the updates has anyone any ideas? I do fancy putting that infusion rom on which would probably solve it but the guides are about 6 months old and i I'm on a different firmware to what they mention so not sure if I'm safe to do it and I wasn't sure which rom is the one I have now in case I wanted to go back I feel daft as I've jailbroken loads of iPhone's but there just seems so many options and rom's cheers for any info
  11. Thanks guys That's cleared it up a little for me Can't wait to get my phone now :)
  12. Hi Ive ordered a g300 and its going to be delivered next week. I want to get the latest & stable software on there. I will be getting the phone unlocked from Vodaphone when i get it as i plan to use a giffgaff sim in it. Should i update the software officially first to ICS (is there a stable version yet,ive read its not great) or should i unlock the phone first and then update as ive read the ICS takes better when its not unlocked. Am i right in thinking Infusion is the "best" custom rom to use at the moment this one>http://www.modaco.com/topic/355994-rom-ics-infusion-091112-6-themes-b05/ Also ive been told that unlocking my phone would void the warranty if this is so is there anyway of undoing the unlock to revert back to original settings in case i have a problem and need the phone repairing. basically all i want is a up to date, has smooth software, and free of all the vodaphone stuff phone sorry for all the questions ive just been getting a little confused looking at some of the threads about basebands an so on cheers steve

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