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  1. Mounts2SD works for me https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spazedog.mounts2sd http://sourceforge.net/projects/mounts2sd/
  2. [email protected] works well so far. @KonstaT. Maybe time to include this into the rom? I believe that one of such scripts was included in Swedish Snow. But never in CM10 or later.
  3. Thanks! 32dp size fits perfectly under the keyboard.
  4. That's not the same thing. In 10.1, I could have them shown permanetly on the screen. Or rather under it, the screen itself became effectively shorter.
  5. How to enable soft keys in this one? It was possible in 10.1
  6. Hi KonstaT Do you plan to continue working on this 10.2 version? Any chance to get a functioning simple2ext for it?
  7. Ganster, would it be possible to have all your latest chages and video improvements as a flashable zip file for CM10?
  8. 16.11 was the last build, where the wi-fi worked for everyone. On later versions, some of us (including me) started having probles with wi-fi not activating or activating very slowly. But apparently this does not happen to everyone, like it seems that KonstaT never had this problem, while Ganster did :-) My guess is there must be small difference in firmware in different phones, since wi-fi is related to it. I believe that I use Stock Gen2 from here: So, just try the 24.11 and see how it works for you. It takes only 5 min to flash a rom, doesn't it?
  9. Camera mode and Camcorder seem to work properly, Panorama is crapy though. Well, I would not hesitate not a single second to choose working wi-fi rather than any visual improvements ..
  10. I run 16.11 with Camera 4.2 ARM6 and HQ patch flashed manually. This combination has no problems with wi-fi reconnection.
  11. After re-flashing 18.11 three times and having the same issue with wi-fi, I went back to 16.11 with the HQ patch flashed manually.

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