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  1. There is one particularly annoying bug that comes with stock ICS based ROMs - default storage keeps reverting to internal. There are some workaround hacks that partially solves this, but they come with other inconveniences.
  2. [bUG] Automatic brightness sometimes doesn't work and screen goes full bright, i.e. after reboot. I have brightness toggle in power widget set with two modes: Auto and 100% - if that might have anything to do with this.
  3. It feels less responsive and much more laggy than stock ICS based roms, like INFUSION. Is it just me or this is how it is?
  4. I'd like to add myself to the question.
  5. nvm the problem was with my PC. Sorry about the hassle.
  6. Precaution before edition to make it easy to restore the file as it was.
  7. In defence I say that it happened to me too ;) I've tried to make a backup copy of "Build.prop" with "Mi File Explorer". I've tapped "Copy" and then "Paste", which resulted in deletion of "Build.prop" content and left the file with size equals to zero. I don't have any experience with Android file explorers interface and that was really attempt at random, but still - there was no confirm message whatsoever. This is pretty ironic that I've damaged essential system file while trying to make a backup copy in a case of that happen.
  8. Thank you for this great mod and keep up the good work! I'd like to return to disabling camera sounds issue, which as far as I have dug this thread, hasn't been fully resolved yet. Changing the ".ogg" files names disables most of the camera sounds, but when taping on the focus rectangle in the centre of the screen, the sound of camera focusing still stands. As I presume, the ".ogg" file for this sound must be hard coded into the camera app. Changing "ro.camera.sound.forced" to 0, as many people have stated before, truly has no effect. Please look into this issue.

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