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  1. Daj promeni one linije u prop nece da prodje instalacija zbog toga sto pise 8818 ja nisam to nikada menjao. Vidi sredi to i okaci novi link Dakok.
  2. Hello Kid Why do you lie to me you send private messages? To your First rom electra, i wrote a comment that rom loses the signal, and that rom is not worth it at all I wrote and never in my life did not send you a private message. As you say several times. Let the kid go and hea,l and do not bother people more.
  3. That can't be fixed until CMR4 comes out, stop asking the same question over and over :P Her kid you're like a nightmare everywhere and if you have no one's asking you to answer me as I asked you.
  4. We love your rom this for the simple reason that the best of these ROMs on MoDaCo go for Raverrr. :D
  5. Rom is really exstra As for the aesthetics. But how to use rom when no one can get, and vice versa until you do reboot. And after a few hours again the same problems mentioned. Get the problem with losing network and you'll have the best rom.
  6. This rom is not for use as soon as no one can reach you on the phone, until restart phone, and after a few hours again same story.
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