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  1. I have a zte blade upgraded with windows tool to gen 2, the problem is that if i try a tpt when is supposed to bring me in recovery mode it takes me to black screen, even those tpts from this thread: http://www.modaco.com/topic/339048-guide-flashing-firmware-to-bladelibra-via-windows/ , which you flash from windows so what is wrong with my blade ? is there a firmware which i can flash so tpts will work on my blade too, gen2 ofcourse ?
  2. This Rom has incorporated an S2D script and/or app or we can use Mounts2SD app for example with it ? Thx in advance
  3. After flashing this ROM cant open apps i mean Run&Gun for example is not so much of a demanding resources app and it opens it and after it loads for some time I think the ROM is force closing it or something. Has anyone experienced this ?
  4. It is ok if I use darktremor`s script and app for using app2sd with this ROM, are they compatible, if not please point me into the right direction ? And one more thing, which governor and I/O scheduler do you advise me to use also which ghz ? Thx in advance
  5. Hello guys i was just close to brick my blade for good so i`m not feeling like testing again a lot of Roms so I`m asking for your help. Between cm10, this one and cm10.2 which is the most stable and best fit for daily use and also which one has best performance, also are these better than GB ROMS ? I am currently on stock 2.2.2 gen 2 windows upgraded blade. Thx in advance
  6. After reading a lot of threads i managed to put the pieces of info together and unbrick my device. If I could I would marked this thread SOLVED Btw thank you all guys for your help.
  7. After flashing gen2moldovanmile tpt the phone boots in rom but it has no recovery or boot animation, blade checker says it is gen 2 windows upgraded. When i try to go in recovery, it boots but the screen remains black, rom manager says clockworkmod is installed so what can i do to have a custom recovery which can be used or a stock one doesnt matter as long as it can boot in it so please guys help me out with this one. Btw when i flash a tpt i dont see any green text or anything, just black screen on. I tried to flash other tpts without roms integrated and it only boots to black screen which instead i think it should be clockworkmod, so if i flash a tpt with a rom it finally boots to rom but no recovery mode and boot animation. Anyone has any idea about what can i do in these conditions ? After reading a lot of threads i managed to put the pieces of info together and unbrick my device. If I could I would marked this thread SOLVED
  8. Ok so it is safe to flash that tpt moldovan mile as i am already on it ? And about KonstaT`s cm10.1, how is it on our phone compared with gb roms as swedish snow, mokee or stirfry, cause i think i tried it once and it seemed too laggy. What governor and I/O scheduler are using with it and what min/max cpu frequencies? And btw thank you all who actually leaved me a reply not just view my thread.
  9. Thank you for your reply but as I said before I don't have any recovery custom or stock so no clockworkmod and no ftm mode and the blade was upgraded to gen 2 with windows tool so no fast boot too so that guide is of no help except for the tpt but I don't know if it is safe to flash a tpt in the state the device is as for now at least it boots to a ROM and I'm afraid no to brick it for good.
  10. Thank you for your reply Lister but sadly it doesnt help me because when i try to enter recovery mode black screen so i cant flash stock recovery to go in ftm mode. I tried to flash recovery with rom manager which at first said that i have one but flashed it anyway and still it doesnt show anything when i`m going in recovery mode.There isnt a tpt which is safe to flash over a gen2 upgraded with windows tool, btw now it has moldovan mile partially flashed as it doesnt have boot anymation,recovery and the market is not working properly
  11. Last night i left the phone booted on black screen and I took a shower, when I come back the phone was booted on moldovan mile cause i flash that tpt too in my despair but i tought it didnt worked. Now the problem is that it has no recovery and no boot animation, i tried to install it again with rom manager and it says it flashed it but when i tried to enter in recovery mod both with combo of button and from rom manager menu it booted to black screen so i`m thinking of trying to flash a new tpt but i dont know if it safe in these conditions so i`m going to need your help to choose a tpt( blade checker says it is gen 2 upgraded with windows tool) and tell me more specific how if the combo menu+volume up+power need to be pressed till the screen is on or till the tpt process is over. I want to flash a new tpt cause it seems the moldovan mile didnt got fully installed as market remains market but when entered in it it google play version 3 and something, this is not quite a problem but after you install an app the time you enter it, it says it cant communicate with google and because i want and need a recovery stock or custom. Thank you in advance and btw miracles can happen
  12. Hello guys i really messed up things with bro`s zte blade originaly sold gen 1 upgraded gen 2 with windows tool but dont know why every it wouldnt installed apps from play on stock or any other custom rom(mokee,swedish snow.stirfry) so i tought to do a tpt to repartition and then flash a rom so i downloaded tpt helper from play and chosed the gen2 v2a tpt, unziped it turned off the phone start it with menu +volume up and power so it loaded a band till the almost end then said fail something error and i freaked out so i think i removed the battery or i waited some time dont know anymore and know if i try to flash another tpt it boots to black screen and led is red, tried almost eveything and i`m really panicated, hope someone can help me cause i`m in a real mess Sorry for my bad english but i`m starting to freak out this never happened to me. i have other device but i dont think i`ll do anything more to them. Please help me out, i`m beging you
  13. and also I`d like to know if you know how to unlock samsung i8190 so it will work with another sim
  14. it has the curent partition : system 220 mb/data 162 mb/cache 37 mb is it ok or should I resize it ? thx in advance
  15. So if I want to install for instance SS-RLS7, I need to root, install cwm and then choose the tpt ?

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