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  1. 2-way call recording - it's kernel capabilities. It does not depend on the firmware. Dazzozo can make changes to the kernel?
  2. V12 does not work CamScanner - error "Unable to connect to the camera." Also with Barcode Scanner. Is there a solution?
  3. I'll ask again - how to enable dual-microphone on this rom?. It is vitally important to me. Dazzozo only hope for you.
  4. Dual-mic disable? Why? He just needs to comfort make voice calls. Please. How to enable it back.
  5. Change Log: 14/01/2013 - R6 Updated AudioFilter and enabled noise suppression Don't work. Noise remained. Still hear myself, the wind blowing into the microphone, etc.
  6. Specifically, what kind of application. I want to add a DTS firmware CyanogenMod 9.1. It is not enabled by default DTS. The sound of the conversation just awful.
  7. How enable dual-mic on this rom? Please, help me. By analogy with CM 10.
  8. Volume during a call fixed. But not everything is working as it should. When speaking to hear myself through the speaker. I hear an echo. At the official firmware does not. Tell me how to fix it. The audio settings no point including DTS. Could be wrong in it. Can I add two-way call recording in this firmware?
  9. Support. Wheezing earpiece on minimal volume. Very high in-call volume, even on min level.
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