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  1. 2-way call recording - it's kernel capabilities. It does not depend on the firmware. Dazzozo can make changes to the kernel?
  2. Daz, can you add 2-way call recording?
  3. BrotherII

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    V12 does not work CamScanner - error "Unable to connect to the camera." Also with Barcode Scanner. Is there a solution?
  4. Nice ROM! Need a full translation into Russian.
  5. I'll ask again - how to enable dual-microphone on this rom?. It is vitally important to me. Dazzozo only hope for you.
  6. Dual-mic disable? Why? He just needs to comfort make voice calls. Please. How to enable it back.
  7. Change Log: 14/01/2013 - R6 Updated AudioFilter and enabled noise suppression Don't work. Noise remained. Still hear myself, the wind blowing into the microphone, etc.
  8. toolbox5irom don't working on this rom.
  9. BrotherII

    Question about DTS on ICS

    Specifically, what kind of application. I want to add a DTS firmware CyanogenMod 9.1. It is not enabled by default DTS. The sound of the conversation just awful.
  10. How enable dual-mic on this rom? Please, help me. By analogy with CM 10.
  11. Volume during a call fixed. But not everything is working as it should. When speaking to hear myself through the speaker. I hear an echo. At the official firmware does not. Tell me how to fix it. The audio settings no point including DTS. Could be wrong in it. Can I add two-way call recording in this firmware?
  12. Support. Wheezing earpiece on minimal volume. Very high in-call volume, even on min level.

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