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  1. Like I said earlier this is not something to rush into as it is breaking more things than it is fixing and I am sure one of the developers will base their next updated rom on this release if it has anything to offer that is! :P or Cyda will get the time to make a CWM zipped version that takes all the pain out of it for us all...
  2. One question does anybody get email alerts or is it just me? :blink: LOL
  3. I think the answer is if you have a rom that works for you at the moment then steer well clear of the update / patch because it sounds like if your phone is not completely stock it is going to cause you a headache anyway or is that just my negative side showing it's ugly face :angry2: lol. (rephrased as it seems someone has that time of the month and is a little hormonal)
  4. The real question would be is it worth it? Can someone update with verified info on the volumes / storage and memory mangement?
  5. Please pardon my ignorance I am new to all this, I have downloaded the SDK and found the executable fastboot is that all that I need or am I missing something on the Devleoper kit which doesn't appear to have an executable or msi package just something called Eclipse am I near or am I a million miles away from where I need to be?
  6. Krish I am not having a go I really want to run on your rom but at the moment it isn't for me but as soon as you release B3 I will be flashing that without a doubt :) keep up the good work.
  7. Hi Thebuell if you get this running can you give us an update on what it does actually fix? I am most interested in the ringtone / call volumes at the moment as they are woeful and one of the main reasons I went to a custom rom. Could you also check memory usage as that is another big issue. Thanks in advance
  8. I have given up on this rom I am afraid as I now have the stutter ringtone sorry Krish I will try V3 when you release it but at the moment it isn't quite right for me.
  9. Hi Lemonade747 and Yaqh are you guys on Jelly Cream Sandwich or another rom? Try remarking out the three lines (you would do this by putting a # and a space at the start of each line) and see if your phone's boots up then. Also how many apps have you installed as that might be the reason why the phone will not boot mine is very stock at the moment.
  10. I will second that brilliant work thank yooooooooooooooooooooooooou :D
  11. Ok so I have been playing around a bit and found that you cannot remove the line as the two lines above it reference it and hence the loop problem so I rem'ed them all out and it booted but when I tried to use root browser lite I got a reboot which then lead to my wifi not being available so I un-remarked them and lowered the setting to the below which seems to work ok dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=5m dalvik.vm.heapgrowthlimit=24m dalvik.vm.heapsize=48m Best of luck and thank god for backups hey!
  12. Hi Yaqh how did you do it did you use the Rich Text editor or something else because when I did that my phone just hung on the boot animation and would not go any further?
  13. I think I found the file in system and edited it but my phone wouldn't go past the boot animation so can you confirm the file and the process to do it if you don't mind please as my battery life is really bad. On the camera this only happens on the first time I open it and it is regardless of which storage type I use so is it possible for me to extract the camera app used on the original rom and drop that into the rom? Regardless sterling work I am seriously impressed, I tried thejamies111 rom and that is quick but has the problem of not being able to select a ringtone which I could get around by dropping the sound files I wanted into the system partion (not sure on the spelling) but I do prefer your rom as it runs less memory and has far less apps so it is like a vanilla build which is what I want. Are you going to look at 952 when it comes out which will hopefully resolve the numerous problems that the official rom has unlike yours lol :D anyway your help on the edit would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hiya Krish can you direct me to the file I need to edit as I wouldn't know where to start in finding it.

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