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  1. @ voxpop201 Ive ordered a new one which is being delivered on tuesday.. as per original post. I still might repair it and sell it as fully working, Just thought it might be worth selling as it is if someone on here could repair it cheaper than what I can... @Nxhappy, I was hoping to get an offer of £200ish for it,.. converted to $ this would prob be about $300.
  2. Firstly Im not 100% sure if Paul allows this on the forum and if not I apologize and please delete thread !! I`m selling my HTC one, I left it sitting on a unit in my bathroom and knocked over the soap dish which could not have hit it any sweeter than what it did, The corner of the soap dish landed slap bang on the center of the screen... The phone still works perfectly, you can make calls etc and all features work as normal,.. except it needs a new screen and digitzer ! The phone itself has a couple of speckles on the back of it, Its the black ONE and I had the htc flipcase on it since new, If you do a google search you will see there are a lot of people that this has happened to with that particular case,. I replaced the case with an otterbox, ironically if I had of still had the htc case on it it would have protected screen... The phone is unlocked and unbranded, It was bought from phones4u simfree for £490,.. Im open to sensible offers, Im sure it will be an easy fix for someone! It comes with original box, charger and accessories that came with it and original receipt also. If anyone wants to buy it I cannot post it until wednesday as my new phone is not coming until tuesday! It will be sent royal mail tracked. I can take payment via bank transfer or paypal.. Lastly It has Modaco switch rom installed and if rooted, I can unroot and flash back to stock WWE rom if desired but I would recommend sticking with switch tbh ;) Any questions feel free to ask ! https://www.dropbox....17 17.55.22.jpg https://www.dropbox....17 17.55.34.jpg https://www.dropbox....17 17.57.41.jpg https://www.dropbox....17 17.58.06.jpg https://www.dropbox....17 17.59.53.jpg
  3. Im getting this same issue too, Are you using ClockworkMOD recovery? I think Paul recommends TWRP recovery, If you install untrusted zip then reboot system it will switch roms.
  4. No, i updated from GPE rom side (long day :) ) .. Ive just read backwards to page ten and did not see the post. Has anyone a link to the fix? Jack
  5. Just noticed quick settings are gone also... I flashed from GPE side ;)
  6. BTW my battery is still going from 7am this morning.. usually runs out about mid afternoon on previous rom ;)
  7. Just updated to beta 8, ive noticed a new issue I didnt have in beta 4. My home button is not working on GPE, it works fine if I double tap to bring up running apps and i`m getting haptic feedback etc. Long press is not opening google now either. On sense it works fine
  8. Someone has already mentioned this but when I switch from gpe to sense then back again I am loosing my email accounts (not the gmail) but the pop 3 accounts ive set up manually in the email app. Jack
  9. Yeah have tried wiping data and reinstalling, have read a few posts previously on other forums with people complaining about it saying their phone iscrooted when it wasn't so it must he the app itself.. Its no big issue though I can live with it. Would rather have the switch ROM and no Barclay's app then having Barclay's app and no switch rom.
  10. I did on phone but downloaded in a few mins on the PC ;-)
  11. That's what I'm saying though, I didn't install it, sky go app is working fine which requires phone to be unrooted but the Barclay's one isn't. Its no big issue though, they have a mobile banking website anywayv ;-)
  12. Have just installed the switch rom in the past hour, really liking it so far. Had a prob with the first install in that when I swiched to the play edition rom it kept giving errors that processes had stopped working. everytime I closed the error a new one appeared so it was unusable.. could not get past the setup pages to switch back to sense rom. In the end i reflashed and it worked fine the second time ! One minor prob I notice with the rom is that the barclays banking app does not work,.. I`m getting "barclays mobile banking is not supported on rooted devices",.. this is happening on both sides of the switch,.. sky go however which does not support rooted devices either works fine.. Will have a play and report back with what i find but first impressions is that its VERY GOOD ! Thanks for the invite Paul !! P.s a working NFC payment solution included on the rom would be the icing on the cake,.. had Gwallet on my HOX and would be nice to see it on my ONE
  13. Hmmm, its not showing up on my apps list. Do you know what permissions it should have?
  14. I second the jellybean update.. been missing this app since I moved over to cm10 nightly. Any word on an update?
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