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  1. For some reason what's app fails to connect to the Internet even though wifi is on. I have Checked disable HW Overlay.
  2. Sorry to bother all of you but whenever I reboot the disable hw overlay keeps resetting. Sorry if this this has been answered before but how do you stop it from reverting back?
  3. Do you need the hybrid r2 cmw for this update ota? I am on latest "normal" cmw by Daz. Zwhen I tried downloading it ota, it said it failed and it stuck at the huawei logo screen so I had to restore...
  4. When I went to Running apps, I saw that I had 0 bytes of free RAM. Perhaps this is what is causing the problem? The phone also seemed to lag a lot. I did accidentally unzip this sense multi task file http://bit.ly/Qv8Otg although I resotred my backup as it stopped it from functioning. Any help?
  5. Yeah I tried Apex Launcehr and ticked keep in memory but still the system seems to do something that makes the home screen take a long time to load. It works fine in the mornings though for some reason.
  6. For some reason, it takes time for my home screen to load after I'm on an app for a few minutes. Any help? I am using stock launcher as in trebuchet.
  7. Would these work on this ROM? http://www.androidgadgematic.com/2012/11/install-android-42-camera-gallery-apk-ics-rom.html http://www.androidgadgematic.com/2012/11/how-to-download-install-android-42.html
  8. Wait.... what other things dose infusion have over cm9? E.g walkman
  9. This better than CM9? Also can you use CM9 Custom CMW to install ROM?
  10. A bug I noticed from an otherwise perfect rom is that the wifi stops working after the phone is unlocked even though it is On and connected. Please fix this if you can? Otherwise a fantastic very well made app. Thanks Daz!
  11. Alright. Thanks for the great work Daz. Is really much more quick and efficient although I do like the "sleep mode" on the Huawei stock as it made the phone turning on much quicker. Looking forward to CM10!
  12. Sorry if this has already been covered but is there an option to enable fast-boot (fast turn on)?
  13. Hi, Apparently, a new ICS Update for the Huawei G300 is being released OTA from 28/11/12. "I’m pleased to say that Huawei will begin rolling out the new G300 software (B952), that will address the broken dictionary issue, from Wednesday 28th November. We’ve tested the other problems you’ve reported and haven’t been able to reproduce them in this new software." See: http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Huawei/Huawei-Ascend-G300-upgrade-to-Android-4-0-ice-Cream-Sandwich/m-p/1350300#M1190
  14. Just one last question; cm9 or infusion? Which is better for speed stability and everyday use?
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