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  1. Ha ha - wouldn't you know it - I got caught this time and had to pay an extra €50 (€40 VAT + €10 post office handling fee) on delivery. Bit of a bummer but still cheaper than buying locally (a few places now stock Xiaomi phones including the Note 5 here in Dublin nowadays). However a colleague said that he imported a load of 3D printer parts and they got through OK but then he got an additional small part in an envelope which was stopped and charged. So it looks like it's still pot luck but I presume that they're wiser to packages coming from the likes of China/HK etc. these days and are more likely to pick them out for inspection...? BTW - apologies @KennyPowers for the delay in sending the battery - definitely this week. P&P seems to be only €1.50 so don't worry about it.
  2. Thanks but I don't have any Messages option in that menu...
  3. Sorry - didn't get a chance to check the P&P costs to UK over the weekend - will do so this week. I can't seem to see how to enable private messaging here. In fact I don't see any PM options at all for some reason.... :-| Regarding import taxes/duties I'm not sure what the story is (at least here in Ireland) but I recently ordered a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 to replace my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which I am passing on to somebody else and I will probably find out soon if that gets stopped. :-)
  4. OK - let me price the P&P (from Ireland) an get back to you.
  5. I don't know why PM didn't work. Yes - I still have the battery. You are welcome to it - where are you located just to assess P&P costs? I'll see if I can get PM working if you want to follow up on this.
  6. How is it dying? Battery or something else? I have a spare battery that was never used in case that's of any use and you're welcome to it (subject to reasonable P&P costs). Or maybe there's something else wrong with it? I presume you're already aware of Kimovil for searching for Chinese phones? I usually use that and then check reviews when looking for something new... https://www.kimovil.com/en/ Hope this helps.
  7. I don't have much to hide. :-)
  8. FWIW I'm running MIUI 7 (still haven't updated to 8!) on my Xiaomi Note 3 Pro and it offers the option to encrypt: Settings > Additional settings > Privacy > Encrypt phone However using this MIUI (also 7 I think?) on Coolpad F1 I don't see any option to encrypt: http://www.needrom.com/download/f1-miui-v7-2-1-stabile/ I don't know about other MIUIs for Coolpad F1 - I did try another (kouskous's?) at one stage but can't recall if there was any encrypt option. When I try Jpower73's one (see above) I'll check there too. Personally encryption is of no concern to me. :D
  9. You should be able to find and install an APK or install something to fool Play Store into showing apps that it would not otherwise show due to "incompatibility".
  10. Thanks. I'm in Dublin, Ireland. Happy St Patrick's Day. :-D
  11. Just reading the Greek myphone forum - why was jpower73's account suspended permanently?! Is it possible to follow his MIUI developments (if any) elsewhere? Edit: oh maybe "account suspended permanently" is a mistranslation or else a jokey signature?!
  12. OK - thanks again for your help. I'll read up a bit more on Jpower's MIUI on the Greek forum. I'll post back when I get my hands on the F1 to reinstall it.
  13. OK - thanks a lot for that. All clear except how is MIUI 8.2 working for F1 if it doesn't boot?! I might just go with Jpower's latest when I get to reinstall my gf's phone.
  14. Sorry - I'm a bit confused. So the MIUI on the page that you linked to does NOT work on F1 yet? If so then how did you try it? On some other phone? Can you clarify which Jpower MIUI you are referring to? My recollection is that there were different versions last time I looked and it was not clear which was the best. As mentioned elsewhere I tried a few MIUI 7s at the time and had most luck with this one: http://www.needrom.com/download/f1-miui-v7-2-1-stabile/
  15. Thanks - so is the MIUI on that page considered the best these days? I need to reinstall my gf's Coolpad F1 which is on an older MIUI and am considering that one instead. What's the story with the A310 patch? Is that still missing from the download page? Is it something needed for F1? Or does it refer to the sound patch?

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