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  1. hi all, can someone help me please. I am trying to pull some data from the phone and memory card in the phone. But nothing happens when i connect to my mac book pro. Usually It should pop up automatically on the desktop. But now the phone is modded. It doesn't even show up in finder. Is there a setting or something i should be aware of??? thanx in advance for the help
  2. i am very new to this. I just got the phone for him, then installed the C9 rom onto the phone. So not sure what u mean by what rom i am coming from. Yes, i wiped the cache and also done a factory reset i think. Still stuck
  3. Hey all, my dads phone is stuck on the cyanogen splash screen. I tried wiping the cache. But it hasn't help. Any help??? Thanx in advance
  4. Hi there, i bought two G300, But i think i only have the back up to one of them. Would that back up work for both phones???????
  5. I am very new this. Can you point to a direction in how to do all that. Bear in mind, I think i might've lost my back up thing i done before i rooted the phone
  6. Hi all, Thanx to this forum. I have managed to put the CM9 ROM ont the Phone. But just realised the phone is locked to Vodafone. Is there anyway to unlock this running this rom. I don't mind paying for a unlock code or something, but i am guessing i will need to take the rom off. Thanx in advance for the help
  7. Thanx a lot, Just downloaded the CM9 rom. Its perfect. Thanx a lot for the reply guys. Much appreciated. Parents are so happy now. lol
  8. Hi all, I have just bought 2 G300's for both my parents. They are chinese and have struggled to use it. I have just rooted it and installed a ICS update to the phone based on one of the guides(Great guides). But the Updated didn't add a chinese language settings to it. I was wondering if anyone can point me towards a Stable ICS custom rom that can use chinese as the system language. Thanx everyone for the help

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