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  1. RT @BarneyStinsonHI: s*** happens. Just flush the toilet and move on.

  2. “We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America http://t.co/pWMiDAhAnW via @Salon

  3. RT @DoctorChristian: TRUE THAT! @rickygervais: Take a picture, not a trophy. This is how real men shoot animals.. http://t.co/7caQVHvKwA”

  4. RT @spyrosth: Πρώτη φορά καταδικάστηκε ο Μπόμπολας για υπόθεση που συντέλεσε σε θάνατο παιδιών και δεν υπάρχει ως είδηση πουθενά http://t.c…

  5. RT @Octopus1907: Brutal #ACAB intervention to the people walking toward to the parliament building in #Turkey today @OpPinkPower http://t.c…

  6. It sucks when freedoms are limited due to unsolicited imposition of religious values on laws and humanity in general.

  7. RT @AnonyOps: Apple FINALLY Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes. GET IT NOW. http://t.co/FaEsg5nA4a cc: @drones

  8. We're heading for food monopoly. How would farmers of non GM crops be protected from cross pollination? http://t.co/tXex8gwHpR #patent_fines

  9. RT @maxkeiser: Convicted Financial Terrorist JPMorgan Report Slams Bitcoin As "Vastly Inferior" to Fiat Currencies http://t.co/7qNWc53jd2 v…

  10. RT @guardian: Orwell was a hero for fighting in Spain. Today we'd lock him up for terrorism, says @GeorgeMonbiot http://t.co/onABVdxO4y

  11. RT @rickygervais: Same sex marriage isn't gay privilege, it's equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes. …


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