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  1. Thanks for the reply Kyan31 but I don't want to set a ringtone... I want to change the text message alert tone. I read elsewhere that they are in Root/System/Media/Audio.... but I can't see them there!!
  2. Hi All I am running repackaged B952 Stock ROM and I am trying to change my Text Message Alert Tone. I have put the tone I want to use in the Ringtones folder on my SD card but when I go to 'System Settings' - 'Messaging' - 'Choose Ringtone' all I can see is a whole bunch of default ringtones. The problem is I can't find where those ringtones are stored on my phone. Any ideas? Regards Jason
  3. Hi Bladebuddy Excuse my ignorance but I am not good at this kind of thing.... any idea where I might find a repackaged mod? Cheers
  4. Hi All I seem to be having problem after problem with CM10, can anyone help me with getting back to a scock ROM? I have tried the update.app in dload folder on the sdcard and that doesn't seem to do anything, just gets stuck about a quarter of the way up the progress bar! Any help greatly appreciated. Jase
  5. jase_d31

    Play Store won't open...

    That worked perfectly thanks Cyda! I seem to have lost my Camera App...can you suggest one I can download? Cheers!
  6. jase_d31

    Play Store won't open...

    Ummmm no I didn't!! I vaguely remember having to do that when I first installed Mod 9.... will have to find the guide I used and work out how to do it again!! Thanks Cyda!!
  7. jase_d31

    Play Store won't open...

    I should also point out that I have installed each of the Cyanogen Mod 10 updates and the Play Store will not work on any of them either!!
  8. Hi All I am a relative newbie to Android and I am having some problems that you might be able to help with... I replaced my standard Vodafone software with Cyanogen Mod 9 a few months ago and after some initial problems getting it installed, all was fine. I have since updated to Cyanogen Mod 10 and now I can't get the Play Store to open, it flicks on as if it is about to open and then just shuts down. I have also lost a few other apps that since I have no Play Store I can't get back. I have tried putting the Play Store APK on my SDCard and reinstalling it from there but it still won't work. I also tried going back to Mod 9 but that just locks up and I can't get it installed!! Any ideas? Thanks Jase
  9. A great tutorial.... I am a complete newbie to Android....However.... When I get to the bit about downloading the B936 file....I get to about 360mb of the 385mb and every time, the download gets interupted and I have to start again! Any ideas? Thanks Jase

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