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  1. Out of curiosity. Could you guys share, if C3C0 and others don't bother, your favorite governor settings? I'd like to compare and see if there's a common preference to try. Thanks
  2. Well. Thanks Paul. I guess we're gonna have to wait for a new leak or official release, in the end :/
  3. Well. Looks like 4.2 thing was discarded. Maybe is as Paul points out: Facebook got mad at us for being so curious and shut down/changed something =(
  4. Maybe something to do with a hardware signature or anything like that?
  5. I've installed it in my modded ZTE Skate (running Andoid 4.2) but I only get a black screen and my icon. Camera shortcut not working, and shortcuts for status update, photo upload and checkin are not working, either. No feed, no nothing. I thought maybe it was too much for my device but I see other users here with more powerful devices have the same problem.
  6. Oh! I've been using the one he posted somewhere around this board and it works nice! I'd like to learn some of that coding so I could help with all the awesome modding and hacking and things... *sighs*. Thanks man!
  7. Hey there guys. Any update for Google Now available besides that from Plegdroid?
  8. Well I tried that. Not sure, however if that was the cause of the error I mentioned in my previous post.
  9. "System UID's inconsistent" Is the error I received after upgrade, with the process com.android.phone Force Closing. The phone itself suggests a data partition wipe. So, wiping. If anyone has the same problem =D.
  10. The stock keyboard does lag a little. I use touchpal and is a little bit better. On this side, for some reason, google search (and google now) doesn't seem to be installing. I've flashed them twice and still nothing. They used to work in PJ3. But I can live without it. However if you have any suggestion, shoot!
  11. @lewis_nvd and @RaAmon thanks for your feedack guys. Oh WTH... I'll give this baby a try.
  12. Wow! Man! I don't know how some people complain about your "slow update cycles". You're already working in another "flavor" of JB for our phone. Great Job C3C0. A question to anyone who has tried. Does Google Now latest update from tilal (CFX3/PJ3) work nice with this mix? Will the int2ex script update from C3C0 work, too?
  13. well, that might work, still, wouldn't be nice to find a solution to make Play Store work? That's what Play Store is there for anyways don't you think? :P . Remember that installing apps off market means that it won't update when developers release a new version. Update: This was fun, after a deep breath, a lot of hope and deleting my account for the 10th time, apps finally decided they were compatible again. I don't know why it took so long. Anyways. Yes, delete account, reboot, readd account. It works, not at first shot everytime but it does. Thanks =D
  14. facebook, dropbox and some other apps are showing as not compatible for me. The funny thing is they were fine with ParanoidAndroid by C3C0. I already tried deleting my account and readding it. I tried a reflash, nothing. Any other suggestion?
  15. Hello there. How did you sort it out? I tried removing the account, tried reinstalling everything... Nothing, no luck. And I don't care about facebook, but Dropbox is "not compatible" now, and that is a little deal breaker :(
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