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  1. shaper

    Sound quality music players

    Bless it most definitely is! ..any thing less is near CD quality anything over is higher CD quality if you can tell the difference...
  2. Just tryed this firmware, loads of apps in Russian as you would exspect, had to re-root When I went back to xolo ics ...
  3. shaper

    Sound quality music players

    I wouldn't go below or above 192kps myself, that's CD quality
  4. Hi guys this is my first post, so I thought I would bring something to the table first, before I mither everyone with questions Lol Don`t want to waffle on to much, I`ve had my OSD a couple of months now, untouched, I only bought it in the hope of running Win 98se or Xp on it, without the bells and whistles pinch to zoom would have been a needed feature. Anyways a big respect to all you guys for being so persistant in what you have achieved so far with this phone, and more so you Rickywyatt for your tool, and time given.. For those of you that wanted Google Now here`s a better alternative i`m using it on my Htc desire bravo.. currently in beta stage but it`s an awsome app, watch the youtube video and see for yourself... http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1508195

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