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  1. Anyone had an issue with the earpiece not working properly? I gave the phone to my Dad a few months ago and it's been OK but now he tells me when he makes/receives a call (not sure if it's both), the earpiece doesn't work until he toggles the speaker on and off first. I know he's been using it with a BT speaker in his car. Could that have anything to do with it?
  2. Well it's convenient for preventing apps starting at boot and easily killing non-whitelisted apps to free up resources. Manually killing apps is a nightmare, as stopping them from Running apps doesn't always kill them and the only way to be sure is to Force Stop them from All apps, where you have to search through the entire list to find the app you're looking for and there's no indication which are running. The issue isn't that the apps i have running are using too much RAM but that Running Apps is showing 128MB used, 14MB free, which totals 142MB, when in fact the phone has 394MB and after rebooting it shows the proper values in Running Apps. If it was just the reported values that were wrong, I might not worry but when it shows this the phone is extremely laggy and unusable (hence why I go to Running Apps to see if there's anything I can kill). So there appears to be a bug that's causing this behaviour, although I can't explain why lots of other people have been able to use this ROM without issue.
  3. Than Thanks, I'll give that a go. Something's weird with the battery, as I just woke the phone today after not touching it for a couple of days and it showed 46% battery but within a few minutes of using it, without even turning the WiFi on, it's dropped to 21%. I've got a bigger problem though, with the RAM usage. Although the About screen reports that the phone has 394MB and Clean Master shows 347MB used out of 394MB, when I go to Running Apps, it shows 130MB used, 14MB free which makes no sense, especially considering that it showed 218MB free after I rebooted the other day. All that's running is: Settings 9.9MB Google Play Services 7.6MB Google Play Service 9.1MB AFWall+ 2.5MB Holo Launcher 6.8MB Clean Master 23MB Google Play Store 0.0B (Restarting) Google Play Services 10MB DSPManager 2.1MB Calendar Storage 0.0B (Restarting) Android keyboard (5.0MB) I was going to give this phone to my Dad today but I can't until it's working properly and reliably, so I'd be grateful if anyone could help me straighten it out!
  4. Is there something I can use on the G300 running GB to suspend battery draining apps when the phone goes to sleep (either automatically or when I press the power button to lock it)? Greenify isn't showing in the Store, so I presume that's not compatible with GB. Clean Master is OK for manually killing apps and preventing them from auto-starting at boot but is a bit intrusive and ad-heavy and doesn't auto suspend apps.
  5. > You can use link2sd or link2int to move apps to sdcard or the otherwise unused 2GB internal partition if you are tight on internal space. I meant it uses 43MB of RAM, not storage and that's a bit much for a limited RAM device like the G300. Something weird happened yesterday and the free RAM went down to 0MB, despite the running apps not coming close to accounting for all the RAM and even force stopping a few only gave me about 7-15MB free. After rebooting I've got 218MB free, so I don't know what that was about but I've noticed it on my other Android devices, that the free RAM doesn't make sense after adding up the RAM used by the running apps. > Try Textra and see if it suits. I can't remember what it looks like on G300 as I haven't used that phone for a good while now. Thanks, I looked at it in the Store but it says it's not compatible, probably due to the fact I'm running GB. I guess I could try TextSecure. The actual purpose of that app doesn't seem to work properly any more, as it just sends unencrypted SMS and offers no option to change that (it used to automatically send the key to start encrypting when first messaging someone who's also using Textsecure) but it probably still offers a nicer interface for sending unsecure SMS.
  6. Thanks, that looks like a good alternative, although it does gobble up 43MB. I've just flashed back to GBXTreme before I give the phone to my Dad as his first smartphone. He doesn't need much, mainly a bigger/easier phone to use for texting than his current cheapo non-smartphone. Is there a (low-memory) app that will use more of the screen for composing messages, as the default app in GBXTreme feels a bit cramped and gives up a lot of space on the left for the attachment icon?
  7. Just a warning for anyone else reading this, both openrecovery-twrp- and failed to work and resulted in the phone locking up with all lights on when I tried to boot to recovery. recovery-clockwork- worked fine though.
  8. Thanks, I didn't think to look at the contents of the zip!
  9. Thanks, that worked fine. Do I not need to flash the Downgrade-B895.zip to downgrade the baseband before flashing the stock GB ROM, or will that be done when I flash the ROM? Do I do the same thing to force flash the ROM, i.e. put the V100R001C02B895.zip in the dload folder?
  10. Ah thanks, so once I've got stock GB installed I can just flash CWM/TWRP or GBXTreme from the stock recovery or must I flash a custom recovery and then flash GBXTreme from that? EDIT: How do I flash an UPDATE.APP file, do I just put it on the root of my SD card, boot to stock recovery and select it from there?
  11. I'm currently running a rooted 4.0.3 with baseband 2030 but as it's impossible to unlock the bootloader (DC Unlocker doesn't even show the information it should, so it's not worth spending any money on an unlock code), I want to downgrade to GB baseband with GBXtreme, so I can give the phone to my Dad. I know I need to flash Downgrade-B895.zip and then gbxtreme_build-02_hwu8815_signed.zip but I don't seem to have a custom recovery installed at the moment and I'm not sure if I can safely flash either of those from the stock recovery. I tried to install TWRP from here using the Windows install batch http://www.modaco.com/topic/359827-twrp-2631-official-for-u8815u8815nu8818-09122013/page-11 but I get an error sending 'recovery' (7344 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) so I tried ClockworkG300.exe from here but got the same error http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/re-root-unlock-bootloader-install-clockworkmod-recovery/ I would have tried unlockbootloader.exe from here but Chrome blocked it as malware and Avast deleted it after I downloaded it with IE, so I don't think I should risk ignoring those warnings http://www.modaco.com/topic/356235-guide-writing-recovery-failed-remote-command-not-allowed/ So if anyone could help me that'd be great.
  12. I'm trying to flash it from Windows but I get this: fastboot-windows.exe flash recovery recovery.img sending 'recovery' (7344 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)
  13. Well it doesn't look like I'll be able to unlock my bootloader, so I guess I'll just flash back to a GB ROM. I'm going to give the phone to my Dad anyway and he doesn't need much, mainly just a bigger/better phone to use for texting than his current cheapo non-smartphone and I'll tell him not to keep any confidential data on there as it can't be encrypted and just use his tablet for most stuff. EDIT: Maybe I can just use this ICS in GB to downgrade to the GB baseband and keep using an ICS ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/361333-use-stock-based-ics-roms-on-gb-baseband/ I might still just stick with GBXTreme or SuperSlim though.
  14. I finally got round to creating a Win7 VHD and installed the u8810_u8815 driver. Now DC Unlocker doesn't say "DBAadapter reserved Interface driver ver. required" anymore but it's still not working properly. All it shows is this (I've edited the IMEI and MAC codes for privacy): DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1180 Detecting phone : selection : manufacturer - Huawei phones model - Auto detect (recommended) Found Applications port COM4 Found Diagnostics port COM3 Model : Huawei Ascend G series IMEI : 8612xxxxx4524 Wi-Fi MAC : 88:xx:xx:xx:xx:74 BlueTooth MAC : 88:xx:xx:xx:xx:73 SIM Lock status : unlocked with no "Bootloader status" or "Bootloader code" for me to use as shown in this video at 1:30 I tried with the v2.0.6.601 driver as well and that's the same. I think it's a waste of time (and money) buying any credit as I don't think DC Unlocker will be able to unlock the phone if it's not returning any bootloader code
  15. Nope. After reinstalling both the x86 and x64 versions of the driver, DC Unlocker still gives the same error saying it needs to be installed. I've found that the phone needs to be power-cycled after each attempt, as otherwise I get the Windows error "USB Device not recognised". If I power-cycle it back to Download mode, it doesn't do this the next time I plug it in but if I unplug it and connect it back up, I get that error again. All I see now in Device Manager when it's connected is under Modem - Android Adapter Modem and under Ports - DBAdapter Reserved Interface (COM4). However I looked at the driver .inf file and at the bottom it lists androidusb.SvcDesc = "ADB Interface Driver" ClassName = "ADB Interface" HWFASTBOOT="Android Sooner Single ADB Interface" HWADBNAME="Android Adapter ADB Interface" HWLOGOTEST="Android Adapter ADB Interface (for Logo Test)" so clearly the Android Sooner Single ADB Interface I saw before was from this driver and it should be showing up again now but isn't for some reason. I'll try rebooting the PC, otherwise I'll give Win7 a go (I think I've got a Win7 VHD I can boot to, otherwise I'll have to create one).
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