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  1. download jb camera+ from 4sheard.com, i works fine, fast. Olso in google play notpad (notepad cant remember name) app is same as original huawei's note
  2. if its working on cm9? when i try to flash it the system stops booting in cm9.1 logo, eny sugestions?
  3. in mine phones info its said that kernel is [email protected] #19, so this is not kernels problem i think?. Taking eny headphones and sound is like it was set to be Hall or something. In b960+ and in CM9 10 10.1 sounds is normal...
  4. how to change kernel and there to find another one, better or the best of all? sorry for so many questions, but im not realy good for this ;)
  5. whats about music quallity then on headphones? its pood, it is posible to use dsp manager, not beats? (then listening music its hearing like you there in a big hall or something..)
  6. if there is any fix for sd card unmounts and for stopped working apollo? (because sd card unmounts sometimes for me, needs to reboot, and apollo after using for some days stopped working and i can do nothing) talking about r6
  7. How about moving apps data form cm9 to cm10 or cm10.1? data stays or disappiers, as gobeckup does?
  8. i dont know if its just for me, but sd card is unmounting sometimes with no case. And apollo is not working..
  9. apps are wirking slower then in cm10 or cm9, but intergreited working fine, maximum speker volume is terible, camera is realy slow, everyting else is working fine for my aye.
  10. camera and gallery are working very slowly, olso some time SD card is unmounting, fully charged battery is working just for 12 hours.
  11. hello, i have a problem with mobile data, some times its not turning on and its working only with opera, chrome and integreted browser is net loading pages. Olso there is a problem with contacts, sometimes, then somebody is calling phone is writeing omly number for a while, and i cant understand who is calling. Can enybody help me solving this problem?
  12. hello, if its posible get back to 100% stock rom and raecovery if instaled a CWM? Asking beacause of the warrany.
  13. thx ScutulatusCrotalus, realy, i tryed and its worked.
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