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  1. the price is : 170 $ <_< The Galaxy S4 Clone have : 13 MP of Camera + 2 MP front camera Quad Core ARMv7 Proccessor 1.6 Ghz 2 GB of RAM Android : 4.2.2 Screen resolution: 1080x1290
  2. I had a problem with the lookscreen which was very laggy and stuck each time I try to unlock after 1st Rebot
  3. The phones I have in mind are : Samsung Galaxy S2 , Xperia P, Xperia L , Samsung Galaxy Grand ,LG Optimus F3 ,LG Optimus L5 II Dual E455 Note that I prefer to have a phone which cost less than 250 $ ( I'm not rich )
  4. Guys please don't ask me any questions about this ROM , because I didn't try it , moreover my Skate is broken
  5. Original topic : http://bbs.hiapk.com/thread-5145326-1-1.html Android : 2.3.7 Default Language: Chinese Google translate : 1) I have been tested the ROM for up to half of; 2) Always ensure that the battery is above 60%, and to ensure that the process of Brush computer will not power off; 3) Brush risk, please carefully read the relevant Brush Brush tutorial and bear the risk, and I ING forum held liable for any failure Brush assumes no responsibility; 4) I do not hold copyright ROM and the program, please research and study for the purpose of legitimate use. 5) If you are in this ROM based on the restoration of some undiscovered Bug, and propose improvement measures proposed to continue an open and sharing your work; 6) I hereby declare the use of the ROM makes no guarantees, no assurance that any user ROM applicability to all V960 cell phone, does not guarantee trouble-free produce, nor for any user to use this ROM encountered any theoretical or actually liable for damages; 7) If you use the ROM and procedures, it means that the default has been fully understood and accepted the contents of the statement. Changes : 1 player to solve a series of problems 2 built-in proximity sensor apk 3. Solve radio problems (but not the volume or tone) 4 Add VIPER4 Sound 5 To add a new attribution 6 calls miui milestone special application for the permanent memory function (lockable three third-party program, you need to give me more) 7 to solve the call log, contact picture is stretched a bug 8 smooth speed ... again raised once again raise the sliding speed 9 would be placed in settings sim toolkit hide desktop icons 10 add auxiliary functions, which can set the power button to end the call 11.VIPER4 sound in settings hide desktop icons 12 Strengthening touch feedback, including unlocking, dials 13 font replacement for Microsoft elegant black (screenshot is to replace the font before) 14 desktop icon sizes to solve the bug 15 fast map browser 16.swap 17 IFLYTEK input method 18.MIUI theme style 19.windows Explorer 20 The power icon appears at the top (need MIUI Control Center / Status Bar Options / battery option re-open) Donload Link : Click here This is how to download ROM for who do not know how : ROM Screenshot :
  6. Hey everyone , I found this ROM on the xda forums , since I've no idea about porting ROMs to our skate , I will post it to our SKATE develepors & ROM porters . PhoYdroid V.2 / Device : Galaxy Young GT-S5360 Link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2234014
  7. - ROM : XperianoiZ 4.1.2 [JB] from : http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=541638 - Transparent Status bar from system setting - Xperia Clock - Lastest Xperia Laucnher - Amazing HDR Wallpaper
  8. I tried this TPT : http://www.modaco.com/topic/348776-zte-skate-tpts/ and it worked , thank's a lot ;)
  9. I did all that , but when pressing volime + and power on and and menu I didn't notice any thing just the freen android logo then ROm booting anim
  10. The screen is working fine after moving to GB ROMS ( I didin't replace the LCD yet ! ) I can't understand what is the probleme of my phone :'( please help me
  11. but I format system from mounts and storage - format /system , and did all wipes before flashing zipe So I think that it's not the problem maybe , please help me :'(
  12. symlink: some symlinks failed E:error in /sdcard/cm-10.1-20130412-NIGHTLY-skate.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. I tried to donwload the zip agin twice but had same probleme , I tried other version of cwm 5 and 4 and 6 and had the same problem :'(
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