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  1. Sakif X9

    I think I bricked my ZTE Turies

    I tried to use the SFR StarText Kernel. I forgot to reflash CWM
  2. Sakif X9

    I think I bricked my ZTE Turies

    No one wanna help? :(
  3. Hi Guys check out my Modaco Profile and make sure to friend me http://www.modaco.com/user/999957-sakif-x9/

  4. Hi Guys, just bricked my Tureis. please help

  5. :angry: Please Guys Help Me Fix it. It currently enter FTM Mode and it can load the splash screen :excl: :excl: :excl:
  6. I'm going to download it only for the kernel
  7. Does not work on ZTE Tureis
  8. Send me your build.prop I might be able to fix it
  9. Sakif X9

    ZTE Tureis!

    yes please. :) I just want use LycaMobile services on my Tureis
  10. Hey Guys Sakif X9 here I'm going to be telling you how to run Java apps on the Tureis. Step.0.5 Ok, firslty you'll need CWM if you have it already skip this step, if you don't then you'll need to downlaod this file https://dl.dropbox.com/s/0ean32jnr94vqrb/recovery-clockwork- and you'll extract it to a folder called image to your SD Card then go to the Settings, then about phone and tap on the first option. Step. 1 Downlaod https://dl.dropbox.com/s/lcsnx3vfljen2o2/JAVA%20for%20Tureis.zip?token_hash=AAHHjBkrp4ZaCqBpVxYEBqyjAVXHq4vkufMCy2-ilzrO4A&dl=1 then keep it on your root of your SD Card. Step. 2 Turn off your phone and turn it on holding volume down. Step. 3 Look for the zip file and flash it. So now you have Java on your Tureis :)
  11. Sakif X9

    How to Pin Posts?'

    How do we pin a post???
  12. Most of the stuff is from ICS and JellyBean but yes still based on Android 2.3. This is just something people can enjoy until you put CM7,9 and 10 on the Tureis
  13. I'm using Viber to make free phone calls and send free messages on my Android phone http://t.co/8pJwCKRp


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