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  1. Nothing happens, lol. I cannot even power up the phone, let alone get to the splash screen. I've taken the battery out dozens of times over varying periods of time ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes (whilst looking up potential solutions). I'll re-insert the battery, press and hold he power and volume down button for 30+ seconds and nothing happens. I've repeated the process also holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously and still nothing happens. I plug in the charger and the light doesn't come up. I've been through several ROM installations and installed CWM over the last 3+ months so I wouldn't call myself a newbie. Thanks :)
  2. Thanks for the reply - the issue with this solution is that the phone won't respond to me holding the power button and either volume buttons. :(
  3. What lead to my issue: (i have already attempted this) - with both volume buttons
  4. Hi guys, As my phone will not boot in recovery mode or respond to anything I was hoping someone here could offer a solution to get things working. I do recall there being some software that would interact with the phone even if it wasn't switched on but was connected to the PC(?). Thanks
  5. Hi Tillaz, If using all backup could potentially cause so much havoc I would suggest leaving a note next to the link - I used all backup on the recommendation of other users on here and totally forgot about go backup (it had been a while ago since browsing the forum and I wouldn't have checked through 300 pages of posts). I've been trying to boot into recovery on multiple occasions without success - honestly guys, I do know how to enter recovery mode. :(
  6. I updated to 07 and as soon as all backup had completed the restoration of applications, the phone froze. I pulled the battery and since then it won't start up even when hooked up to the mains. Can someone point me in the right direction for unbricking my phone? Thanks
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