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8360!!! World execulsive!!!

Guest CCool

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Mio 8360 will be launched in??????

simliar to 8390 right?

double screens are colour :)

1.3 mega pix or 0.3 mega pix camera??

Bule tooth supported.

more colour to be slected

and??? more information will be reported.........soon.

response more, and more pics will show up. and thanx anyone.!!!!



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I guess you mean the Mio 8860, right?

The Mio 8860 is absolutely THE SAME as the Mio 8890 except for its colored outer display and it's different keypad.


And this means: NO BLUETOOTH and only a 0.3 MegaPixel-Cam...

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Are you sure??? "EVERYTHING ELSE IS ABSOLUTELY THE SAME" - does mean GAPI broken again, damn you Mitac :x

My 8390 is broken, it can be fixed by software update, but they told me they won't do this :evil:

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