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SPV E100 settings for 02 GPRS/E-Mail etc

Guest mdwilson40

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Can someone please help me, I am currently stranded working in Afghanistan & my SPV E100 is set-up for Orange E-Mail, GPRS & Internet, However Orange Network is not available in Afghanistan & therefore I have upgraded the phone to ROM 1.6 & SIM Unlocked it successfully, but I need advice on method/settings to change the E100 for the new 02 SIM that I'm using for calls.

I feel sure that one of you has tackled this problem before & therefore any advice you can give me would make my day, I am going to be here for 3 months & I need to comunicate with the folks at home by Email if I'm not going to be broke in the next few weeks from the cost of the phone calls. Thanks. Mike W.

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