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My new Qtek 7070....

Guest faziatic

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Hello guys,

now I own a brand new Qtek 7070. I know it's nothing "new" but since it is my first smartphone it's always something exciting .

However, I found so many answers on the net, especially on modaco, but there are still so many questions left open :roll:

Here is the a short list:

1. Is it possible to set screensavers?

2. During a call, when I change the loudness, it says "volume headset". Since I am not using any headset I'd like to know if there are other options, f.e. "volume phone" or "volume loudspeaker" ?? Btw the phone-quality is not that good.

3. Is it possible to use ringtones from the storage card? I tried to create a folder called Application Data/Sounds and put a few sounds in there. It didn't work....

4. How do I change the start-up sound? (I know this has been asked before :roll: )

5. I used Screen Changer 2 and now all I see is a blank/white screen when the phone starts up or shuts down. I made a "backup" before and tried to restore it but it didn't work! Damn tool! Is there another way to change the start-up screen ?

6. Is it dangerous to play around with the layout-files? I mean these files are just XML and you can easy delete them (if you created it be4)...or not?

Thanks in advance for any useful answer :lol:


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