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I was able to view web pages [off line] ages ago on my SPV. I put these web pages onto my storage card in a folder called WEB and was able to access them to view. I cannot remember how to do it now. I've tried with explorer and repligo but I get no page.Can someone please jog my memory on how to view pages off line after putting them on my card.

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1. Open PHM Registry Editor (if you have one) then browse to

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache\Content\CachePath\

Default Value Data: \Windows\Temporary Internet Files

...you can set it to...

Value Data: \Storage Card\Temporary Internet Files (assuming you have 'Temporary Internet Files' folder on your card.

Exit PHM Reg Edit when finished editing.

2. Open a website and allow the page to load.

3. Once the page was loaded, sync phone to PC then copy ALL contents of 'Temporary Internet Files' folder on your Storage Card.

Inside you'll see these folders (may differ on other phones)





4. Transfer to PC then open idividual folders for html, graphic files etc...

If you see an 'X' mark on the webpage (on Pocket IE), this means it was not properly loaded. You have to refresh the page to loaded graphic files properly then transfer again to PC.

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